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As Long as We Remember...

August 13, 2012

Two Pasty White Guys

Steven R. Berryman

Just when the GOP frontrunner’s head-fake took us to Condi Rice and Chris Christie for vice presidential candidate, Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan got the well-timed nod from Mitt Romney.


New Jersey Governor Christie had that problem with teachers and unions; literally too much gravitas. Former Secretary of State Rice was tagged as a political NeoCon and for her abortion positions.


Of course, public unions and former Bushies had already made up their voting conscience for 2012 without this announcement!


The brilliant tactical move of picking Representative Ryan will confound a choice of vice president by President Barack Obama. Joe Biden, the “BrightSmile Veep,” could never carry a flag in defense of the current economic record, had there even been one. He will now have to be replaced in a reactive move to attempt to counter the financial-budgetary prowess of Congressman Ryan.


Could you just imagine a debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan?


Look for intense consideration of a female candidate to replace Mr. Biden by the White House vetting team. With the help of N.O.W, locking in the women’s vote will now certainly be a lynchpin of the Democrat campaign. The target demographic will be angry women and entitlement blacks.


Black voters have been utterly reliable at 95%, so the female vote is the wild card. That this is the strategy of the donkey-party is a dead lock now; the Republicans will be running the platform of “Two Pasty White Guys.” The optics don’t lie!


Coasting Tea Party and Independent types will now have some basis of supporting the sometimes-drifting Mitt Romney. Congressman Ryan can’t bring new diversity to the ticket, but his record of supporting “a smaller and less intrusive government” are unassailable, and go back to his position as youthful staffer for former vice presidential candidate Jack Kemp.


Compare this choice with Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin by John McCain in 2008. She proved a pretty good distraction from the boring senator from Arizona; her attractiveness distracting from any fair evaluation of intellect or position. Congressman Ryan, with experience as chairman of the House Budget Committee and on bipartisan panels, will force a review of the president’s record of economic missteps and disappointment, while establishing his own bona fides.


There are potential negatives in the selection of Mr. Ryan, as well as opportunities for late night comics: An Associated Press wire service story that a “local” newspaper chose to reprint on page A-1 Sunday reported that an early job for the congressman was in sales with Oscar Mayer, and that part of it included driving the fabled – if obscene – “weinermobile,” presumably for promotional reasons. This, of course, will compare favorably with a former Democratic congressman named Weiner, who was outted for actually being obscene!


But, back to that racial component of having two bookend-looking GOP candidates for the nation’s highest executive offices. When Ryan’s resume is fairly evaluated, one can get past that “two pasty white guys” problem with relative ease. The nation can now look forward to an issue-driven election season.


Or can it?


Certainly the mainstream media will now begin the politics of deconstructing Paul Ryan in every conceivable way. They will discuss – ad nauseum – anything but his qualifications for the “one heartbeat away” slot. Mr. Congressman, have you ever beaten your wife? Mr. Congressman, tell us about your tax returns, etc…


In no way will this resemble the love fest our media-elites had with then Illinois Sen. Barack Hussein Obama, who had some pretty interesting starting points for fair evaluation! Yes, even boxer Cassius Clay and basketball superstar Lew Alcindor had an agenda as reason for changing their names…


And don’t forget to remind the audience that the biographical novel “Dreams of My Father” turned out to be a convenient and wistful fabrication at best.


I, for one, now have a thrill running up my right leg with the selection of the second pasty white guy. The impact may actually force the election discussion onto issues of substance, if the people insist upon it…


…and don’t tolerate distractions!


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