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July 27, 2012

Stars criticize Obama’s recent remarks

Joe Charlebois

Stars criticize Obama’s recent remarks


Charles B. Satiré

The Garlic Bulb Press


HOLLYWOOD, CA – Retired rock star Grace Slick, who most recently has been associated with the rock group Starship, had some stern words for the president this week.


Ms. Slick, who as the lead vocalist for Jefferson Airplane in the late 60s, is famous for singing psychedelic hits like Somebody to Love and White Rabbit was incensed that Barack Obama would insist that the government was somehow responsible for the success of individuals.


Having long since retired from the rock scene, Ms. Slick has since devoted her time and attention to the visual arts. San Francisco Bay Guardian writer Alice Wunder interviewed her at one of her recent art exhibits.


Ms. Wunder asked Ms. Slick to expound on the motivation for her latest works when the normally calm and reflective Ms. Slick took the opportunity to instead change the subject. She was incensed at what she feels was an attack on the creative spirit of artists everywhere by the current occupant of the White House.


“How can the President say that our individual efforts were the result of handouts and roads and bridges? I mean, we all had great teachers but where were they when I would spend 300 nights a year laying my head on a different pillow each night? Really?”


Kevin Costner in a recent interview regarding the upcoming film Man of Steel was asked what he thought of the president’s recent remarks regarding success and responsibility. Mr. Costner, who has been one of Hollywood’s most successful actors over the past few decades and had whole-heartedly supported the president in his initial campaign for the Oval Office, was somewhat taken aback by Mr. Obama’s comments.


“I have worked extremely hard to become who I am today…I love Barack, but he just doesn’t understand.”


When pressed further as to what the president doesn’t understand Mr. Costner told afternoon host John Kinsella, of Real Country 920 WMOK in Metropolis, that the artist, the individual, their dreams are what drive them.


“You know, I met Richard Burton on a plane coming back from my honeymoon and I just knew, I knew at that time I wanted to be an actor. I worked my butt off to make it. I worked odd jobs of all sorts to pay my acting class tuition…I’m sorry, Mr. Obama, but it wasn’t handed to me. I love you, but you’re just wrong on this issue.”


When this reporter followed up with Ms. Slick for comment, she stood by her words stating: “I am too old for this, but I am proud of my past and what I created. I, in no way, can accept that success was handed to me. Mr. President we built this city – not on government assistance – but on Rock-n-Roll,” she said laughing.


In following up with Mr. Costner, he referenced a classic line for a classic movie to illustrate his philosophy.


“You know, when Ray plowed under his corn, he took a risk. When he spent his life’s savings on lighting and lumber, he took a risk. He didn’t have anyone lend him a hand. In fact his own brother-in-law tried to get him to sell his land before it was foreclosed upon. Ray had a dream. We all have a dream. For those that take that leap of faith and act on their dream they should be rewarded, not denigrated or embarrassed that they made it and now have some money in their pocket. If you build it, they will come.”


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