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July 27, 2012

Where are the anti-stabbers?

Harry M. Covert

The headline blared “3 Stabbed During Melee.” Halfway down the page, before the fold, the smaller headline was “Youth Police Academy aims to ease fears.” This was in Frederick, not in Colorado, or Washington. Good news coverage and good reporting.


There is no minimizing the seriousness and devastation of the massacre out in the west. Certainly a sad night at the movies, and – as expected – the anti-gunners didn’t miss a trick and came out in force. Another political argument and critics jumped on those gun supporters. In Maryland this week, while a Baltimore federal judge has struck down the state’s concealed weapon carry rules, the state’s attorney is looking for a stay. Phoo on him.


Those in law enforcement can attest that there are many gun-toters without permits. Tasers and pepper sprays are also handy items.


Where are the knife-controllers out there? Is there a “national anti-stabbing association” raising tax-deductible funds to ban knives of all sorts, pen knives and switch blades no longer than three inches? Facetiousness here perhaps.


The Frederick midnight fight involved 50 people, give or take a couple who tried to flee police. Thank goodness the unruly citizens didn’t go in for a razor fight. I’ve covered such bloody cutting events of the past. These set-tos are not strangers in today’s lifestyles of outdoor activities and block parties among such citizens.


Personally, knife fights and stabbings do make good news stories and good reading. But they create devastating work for emergency rooms and men and women in blue. Weapons come in many forms: pens and pencils, combs and tooth brushes to name a few; and they are the reasons jails have rules against such instruments among their inmates.


Lots of people out there are merely mean. They may look normal or average. Let’s not have a semantics discussion here. We all know what “crazy” is without a psychiatric degree.


A case with which I’m familiar involved an off-bubble guy, just out of prison, who grabbed an innocent child and cut his throat, almost beheading him. He was caught. It took a court order for authorities to give him prescribed calming drugs. This guy had refused to take his medicine. He cold-cocked the defense attorney in court, knocked him down and out. Then he was deemed crazy and doctors were allowed to numb him (my words).


The child is still dead and his killer is still brought to court every six months to verify he’s still crazy; and, to be cold about it, the taxpayers have to pay for his board and keep every moment of every day.


I would guess the Frederick melee, as described by the reporter, involved some over drinking of adult beverages, probably over “personal relationships” (men and women, you think?), or simply some bullies.


Concealed weapons are not only automatic pistols or revolvers. They can be cutlery, blackjacks, slapjacks and non-electric or safety razors.


The local youth police academy is a solid program. It teaches participants how to react if and when some miscreants start threatening anti-social behavior. I endorse the idea of media showing pictures of the arrestees and troublemakers. The latter have rights, of course; but every now and then they deserve a good clubbing, like the days of yore.


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