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July 20, 2012

Frederick Fairís Upcoming Night to Remember

Harry M. Covert

I can hardly wait for this year’s Great Frederick Fair, a nine-day spectacular for everybody. It is always a fun time, plenty of good food, bunches of people from all over and farmers and farm animals large and small.


The first time I saw a show was two years ago when George Jones filled in for Merle Haggard. A fine show. Everybody had fun and no one left early. George was the pro. He needs no introduction here.


It was a cold afternoon in Frederick back in mid-March and a good excuse for not taking a walk around the block. So, being true to the vagaries of the day, I fired up the laptop. After reading all the obituaries I started googling the Internet. For some reason I typed in what I thought was A. A. Fair, Erle Stanley Gardner’s penname for his humorous stories of detectives Bertha Cool and Donald Lam.


For some reason, links led me to the Frederick Fair and the Great Frederick Fair. I linked to the latter. Since I had such a good time the past three years, I looked at the schedule for 2012. Dates were listed for September 14th to the 22nd at the Fairgrounds, 797 E. Patrick Street. It’s the 150th anniversary.


I thought it would be fun to watch the truck and tractor pulls, the milking contests with real live cows, horses and ponies and the beauty pageant, too. Scrolling the schedule I spotted the Sunday night event. The Gaither Vocal Band was listed. I have long been a fan of four-part harmony singing and gospel music since childhood.


Double checking the schedule, it was true; at 7:30 Sunday night, September 16, the Gaither Vocal Band will be at The Great Frederick Fair live. I can’t wait. Immediately I bought four tickets online, close to the stage and within two days the treasures arrived. I'm ready.


If this sounds like shilling, it is; and why not? The Gaither Homecoming concert series is featured on television; it is one of the most entertaining and uplifting programs. There isn’t a soloist or group that isn’t first-class.


Those who read will see an advertisement for the Gaithers and the fair atop the home page. I can attest it will be an exciting and entertainment night. I wish I had a musical talent, but I’ll be mouthing the words and keeping the beat with my feet in my track seat.


Not only is the music wonderful, members of the Gaither Vocal Band are musicians of the highest order and in demand all over the world.


When Gaither created the homecoming series some 15 years or so ago, he collected the greatest coterie of gospel musicians. One of my favorites is Mark Lowry, the cutup, comedian, singer and composer. He was born and raised in Texas, but he honed his career in Virginia.


He will feel at home in Frederick. Bill Gaither asked about his favorite animal. Without hesitation, Mark said, “Fried chicken.” Fowl on display at the Fairgrounds won’t be safe. He also delights in “Mexican” vittles and isn’t averse to tamales, tacos and spicy chicken wings three times a day.


I’ve known Mark since he was a pre-college student. He is as funny and talented today as he was as a teenager. He is an excellent writer.


Joining Mark and Bill Gaither in Frederick will be Wes Hampton, David Phelps and Michael English.


To any uninitiated, Bill and Gloria Gaither are probably gospel music’s best songwriters and composers of the past half-century. Their songs are sung in thousands of churches around the world and have sold millions of records, DVDs and books.


Somehow, this fall Sunday night will provide us a welcome break from all the politicking and other stresses of young and old. Now that my seats are purchased, the only thing I’ll have to do is prepare my menu for the night – fried chicken, fries, coleslaw or tacos and tamales.


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