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As Long as We Remember...

July 19, 2012

Sending A Message to Marylandís Governor

Chris Cavey

Gov. Martin O'Malley is rapidly becoming the darling of the Democratic Party. He is traveling the country as an enthusiastic, acid-tongued advocate for President Barack Obama and the liberal wing of his party. The voters in Maryland will be held responsible for his future.


For years Maryland's citizens have been used as the guinea pigs for the liberal Democrat agenda. We are a testing ground for any idea which is seen as part of the progressive agenda. (Like people singing "Give wind a chance"...come on – seriously?) We have had taxes force fed to us to test the choking tolerances of the citizenry, and we watched businesses run away to neighboring states.


The O'Malley agenda has not only included forced revenue increases in every form imaginable, but gleefully purports social agenda items such as gay marriage and making Maryland a haven for illegal immigrants. All-the-while our governor stands in the national limelight, pointing to these issues as his successes – and President Obama and the liberals are envious.


It is these "successes" that give Governor O'Malley his national "creds." You see, he "gets it done” in Maryland ... while other governors struggle. He has his minority party "under control" and can steer his own party to accomplish his agenda. Add to this his second term as chairman of the National Democratic Governor's Association and he has a great national bully pulpit from which to spew Obama" love."


Governor O'Malley has been brought to prominence only due to Maryland's short-sightedness and one party rule. Pure partisan politics has allowed Maryland's Democrat leaders to force anything they wish through the lopsided legislature. It is this power that is the envy of the other Democrat governors and congressional leaders.


November will be the last hurdle for Martin O'Malley as he blasts into the 2016 pre-presidential race. If his people – and his party – gain passage of the three items being brought to referendum,* he will have proven total dominance and control over his domain (Maryland.) He will become the "heir to the throne" in the land of the left-wing.


Governor O'Malley has been on the road gathering favors, campaigning for his president and flexing his muscle as a right-wing Republican hater. His speeches are laced with poisonous partisan parlances intentionally pontificated to stir up the Democrat base. (Look up any quote from the Walker recall race in Wisconsin to understand my point.) When questioned, he just has to point at his Maryland agenda and how he is never truly taken to task at home – so he must be right!


Interestingly, one of the only people challenging Martin O'Malley on a national platform is Larry Hogan, chairman of Change Maryland. Good for former Secretary Hogan!


But where are the members of the Republican Governors Association or the national Republican leadership? They should – at a minimum give Mr. Hogan a call to find out what dangers lie ahead – such as: blatant partisanship, liberal agendas and constantly increasing taxes to name a few items.


Maryland is not a good reflection of the national psyche; however, it is the most fertile of breeding ground for blatant partisan politics. We have an extremely high proportion of government employees, minorities and union members, all of whom tend to historically vote straight Democrat tickets, and for any Democrat promoted programs – and normally without thought.


The citizens of Maryland need to take the first step to halt the O'Malley "fast-track" to the White House. Voters need to gather their friends and family, and vote in November, to kill all three bills,* which we citizens sent to referendum. It will be a decisive blow to Governor O'Malley and the liberal agenda he brags about on a national basis. Otherwise, we will just be proving his point.


Next, we need to hope someday citizens will wake up and realize that loyalty to a political party is vastly different from acid-tongued partisan politics. Such an awakening will relive the roadblocks in Congress and could cause Maryland, to once again, have reasonable legislation – not brought to referendum. (Three bills on referendum simultaneously is likely a historical record for Maryland citizens rejecting legislation. Good for us!)


As we move closer to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC, we will soon see where our governor falls in the pecking order. Should he be prominently featured at the podium during primetime and garners a ton of face time with the national press... the citizens of the other 49 states will be in for a shock as Gov. Martin O'Malley fills the void in the national Democrat leadership?

Can you imagine? The National Mall filled with old hippies and progressive liberals singing and swaying "All we are saying is give wind a chance."


Well... be prepared.


[Editor’s Note: The Dream Act, which will allow illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition at Maryland colleges and universities; the gay marriage law; and the General Assembly approved congressional redistricting map are the three measures which the voters will approve or disapprove on November 6.]


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