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As Long as We Remember...

July 16, 2012

The War on Women

Steven R. Berryman

Recently a very clever friend of mine had the occasion to infiltrate the National Organization of Women’s (NOW) convention. Shortly thereafter I was briefed over lunch, and now I have a thorough understanding of “the war on women.”


My host for lunch ordered a salmon salad; being intimidated by someone with such intimate insider knowledge on femininity, I got a big burger and a manly amount of fries.


Michael was still giddy about the entire experience. Almost punch-drunk and sleep-deprived. He literally brought a pile of literature and A stolen manifestos – five inches thick – to peruse with me, so that I could also glow with the NOW enlightenment!


Now this is a tough bunch of girls, says Michael; so much so, that for protection he had to wear some button endorsing some gay men’s movement in order to be able to circulate the convention floor widely without recrimination or fear of being outted.


Violence against women, protection for international women seeking American males for immigration-related matrimony, and issues central to money and fund raising seemed to dominate the stack of papers. Interestingly, there was almost no presence of the abortion rights crowd.


One of the very first tables sponsored at the event was funded by a socialist party.


But I was shocked to learn the real headliner.


Based upon a “lifted” agenda that Michael had liberated, it seems that Roe v. Wade had lost its luster as a rallying cry, and had been fully replaced by all things Barack Obama for President 2012.


It wasn’t big girls vs. big boys anymore, or some war of the hormones or chromosomes.


Yes, this NOW convention was a total one-stop-shop for TEAM OBAMA. Top, front, and central to all other peripheral legitimate women’s issues, is the politics of November.


On my cross examination, the real story of “the war on women” was unfurled, just after I finished my fries and ordered another ice tea with no ice: The headline is – There really wasn’t any war; it was simply a motto for rallying the crowd to gather the outsiders! Nobody in the convention halls believed in the slightest that some war was being lost.


NOW was about control at the expense of men, about power consolidation, about gathering money; and, more than anything else, it was about funneling these efforts into national politics.


The correlation, according to Michael, was complete between Women, NOW’s brand of feminism, and Democratic Party politics.


I wondered to myself just where the men of the Democratic Party are on all of this; surely some of these NOW members must have spouses; some of them even men. All must be left leaning, at least to a degree of tolerance in order to survive the relationship.


Now, I’m okay with all of this, mind you; but I have to admit being shocked at the changes since the original feminist movement of Gloria Steinem and Margaret Sanger. It seems that what was once taking back ground that had been monopolized by men has been replaced by almost a heavily politicized “war on men!”


So…shame on you, Democrat men.


Overall, according to my agent Michael, it seems the passion of the bra-burners had been replaced by organizing to seize the almighty dollar, and find ways to push policy to replace Liberty with Security through the emasculation policies of the NOW.


Liberty and security; one traded for the other…and we know how that one goes!


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