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As Long as We Remember...

July 12, 2012

A Sorry State of Affairs

Blaine R. Young

For years we have been told how Maryland’s economy is “recession-proof” because of the breadth and depth of our ties to the federal government. As this thinking goes, when the economy goes into recession the government increases spending to stimulate the economy…


…and. because our economy is so tied to federal spending, we will always do better than everyone else during a recession.


If anyone still thinks that is true, and if anyone still thinks that Gov. Martin O’Malley is watching out for the best interests of Maryland, you should probably look to change your thinking.


According to an article in The Washington Times on July 3, “…almost 40,000 Marylanders crossed the Potomac River for new homes in Virginia, taking 2.17 billion dollars with them…”


This all occurred, according to the article, between the years of 2007 and 2010, all of which were under the stewardship of Governor O’Malley. These lost jobs occurred on the heels of the biggest increase in government spending in the history of the United States.


So much for federal government spending improving the economy in Maryland. It would seem that to the extent this state ever was “recession-proof,” Governor O’Malley has taken care of that.


Then the governor had the nerve to criticize the governor of our neighboring state of Virginia, to which jobs and taxpayers seem to be fleeing. That’s right; Governor O’Malley took Gov. Bob McDonnell to task for not being prepared to fully commit Virginia’s resources to Obamacare.


But he didn’t leave it there. He went on to make the incredible and totally unbelievable assertion that not participating in Obamacare will harm Virginia’s economy.


Where does this guy get the nerve?


For Governor O’Malley to criticize Governor McDonnell on economic matters is more than absurd. It is pathetic. If Governor McDonnell is so wrong, and Governor O’Malley is so right, why are our taxpayers fleeing to Virginia?


And, according to a report released last week by Change Maryland, led by Chairman Larry Hogan, Maryland presently is not in the best of company. We are the seventh worst state in the country when it comes to losing taxpaying residents. The list of states that we trail is noteworthy: New York, California, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio and New Jersey. All of these states have been documented to have significant and severe economic and budget issues; and now, thanks to Governor O’Malley’s leadership, we are right there with them.


The fact that this economic situation has occurred during an unprecedented expansion in federal government spending, and given the inordinate percentage of Maryland’s economy tied to the federal government, reveals once and for all the true and catastrophic effect of the one party liberal Democrat rule in Annapolis. Governor O’Malley and his co-conspirators, House Speaker Michael Busch (Anne Arundel) and Senate President Thomas V. “Mike” Miller (Prince George’s/Calvert), are taking the state right down the economic drain. If we don’t do something about it, our future is going to be very bleak.


We need to get a grip on what’s going on here in the State of Maryland; if we just continue with business as usual, we are all going to be handed a bill, and by then it may be too late.


Many of us love Maryland, and do not want to move. But, if we don’t do something soon, Governor O’Malley is either going to chase us out of the state or bankrupt us.


Neither situation is a very appealing future for Maryland taxpayers.


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