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July 9, 2012

That October Surprise

Steven R. Berryman

Paranoid posts on the Internet – some by yours truly – presage fears of an “October Surprise” for this election year; the more this administration senses a one-and-done result for the Obama agenda, the more likely we are to have an incident.


And America is surely not immune from concocting our own incidents to galvanize the people into a false zeal of various sorts.


We lie to ourselves. Then the vetting is suppressed by a complicit media-mediocrity that receives its checks indirectly from government funded advertising dollars, smuggled in by loopholes of anonymity afforded by non-profits and non-governmental-organizations, or NGO’s.


The Gulf of Tonkin in Vietnam. Remember the Maine! And at the United Nations the esteemed irreproachable hero, Gen. Colin Powell, personally spoke to the absolute certainty that rocket bodies were really centrifuges in Iraq, an absolutely ridiculous notion!


It makes me nervous to see complicity and duplicity between what had been the three separate branches of our government. The Obamacare decision and Citizens United case has imprinted permanent scars onto our flag. The inconsistent logic of the above, as well as the Arizona decision impacting illegals enforcements, tells me that a panic may set in.


For the first time in three years, Democrats can see a future without that second term!


There is no time to rush energy legislation to destroy the coal business. There is no time to restrict firearms purchase to anything more than museum cases. There is not enough time to place American citizens on notice of their observation by drone surveillance aircraft!


But, if there were to be an “incident,” you know, like a plot of Mission Impossible. No, not the newfangled, politically correct Tom Cruise version, but the Martin Landau, Peter Graves, Barbara Bain serious variety where political mischief was the rule.


What would bring Americans together in concert with an unpopular, agenda-driven president at his most vulnerable moment?


Will they produce evidence of life in the universe, or perhaps the threat of imminent destruction of the Earth by a rogue meteor? I can just hear him: “We are all in this together!”


No! Nothing quite so cinematic.


But imagine the comeback by CNN should there be another NEWSBREAK – WAR IN THE STRAIT OF HORMUZ…or the detonation of a “dirty bomb” at the Port of Baltimore. China sinks the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan!


Yes, it could be a military scenario-disaster of some sort. This would solve the hunger of the military-industrial complex, relieve unemployment due to armed forces enlistment, and feed the infotainment juggernaut its red meet. Flat panel TV sales would spike!


Perhaps the Stock Exchange computers of NASDAQ – with nanosecond trades – have been infiltrated beyond repair by a Russia-generated virus, requiring emergency nationalization for own security? They could really pick winners and losers then!


But a distraction is a distraction. Anything but look back on the results of the first term.


Of course, any of these nightmare scenarios could trigger new executive orders allowing for the subjugation and control of all communications, including Internet, cell phone, Facebook, etc. A claim of protection of the airwaves – recently released by the White House – could certainly provide a clamp-down on Liberty.


Because if they could talk with each other, they might ORGANIZE.


Is a defensive government really protecting itself from the people now? Should a usurpation of constitutional protections become clearer, it would certainly empower the “take it back” crowd. And rightly so!


Unfortunately, the more Campaign Obama 2012 senses its demise, the more these never spoken plans gain potential.


Our do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do culture has surely spawned a continuance of the end-justifies-the-means rationalization for dark actions.


Call me paranoid, but be sure you call!


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