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As Long as We Remember...

July 3, 2012

America and Americans Under Attack

Steve Gottlieb

America is being invaded. The invading force is not your typical army; they're not even armed, well, at least not most of them. The sad thing is our federal government is not doing anything to protect us.


Even though it is their jobs to protect us, the president and the attorney general choose to ignore their responsibility in order to pander to certain minority groups. So, when states try to defend themselves the president and attorney general attack those states and its citizens.


The most recent and visible assault by the president and attorney general on the citizens of the United States deals with the state of Arizona. When Arizona passed its law dealing with illegal immigration and steps to be taken by law enforcement, the Justice Department filed suit against the state for trying to defend its citizens. The Supreme Court decision was handed down last week. Three of the four provisions in the law were struck down, with the heart of the law, the right of police officers to check the immigration status of people they arrest, being upheld.


Now, you’d think that would be the end of case and everyone would abide by the court's decision. Instead the Obama Administration, in direct violation of its duty and, with complete disregard to the finding of the Supreme Court, decided to withdraw any support to the State of Arizona when it came to enforcing immigration law. They suspended the 287(g) program and refuse to answer any request for assistance from Arizona where illegal immigration is concerned.


Remember, the Justice Department filed charges against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the most well-known leader of the fight against illegal immigration in Arizona, claiming that he is guilty of a pattern of unlawful discrimination against Latinos. The sheriff is enforcing the laws of our nation and of his state. He's standing up for the citizens of Arizona and doing his best to protect them from the onslaught of illegal immigration.


Rather than filing charges against the sheriff, the Obama Administration should be trying to figure out how to seal the nation’s borders, enforce the laws of our land and protect our citizens.


Why don't they do that? Why do they choose to attack law-abiding citizens and hard-working law enforcement officers?


Right now, along the Southwest border of our country, people live in fear for their lives. Ranchers have been killed by illegal immigrants crossing our border, yet the president and Department of Justice do nothing. Prayer rugs, Qurans and other evidence of illegal Muslim immigrants with jihadist intentions have also been found along that same border.


Texas recently found itself in the crosshairs of the Department of Justice. It passed a law requiring photo ID for all voters. The civil rights division of the Justice Department immediately moved to block implementation of that law.


Again the question is why?


Why would Attorney General Eric Holder attack a law that was passed to help ensure the integrity of our voting system? You would think that the most basic fundamental right we have as citizens would be one that the Justice Department and the President of the United States would want to protect. Instead of working to ensure honest and fair elections, the administration appears to be working against American citizens in favor of an environment in which voter fraud is easy.


While we are talking about voter integrity, let's not forget Florida. Election officials in that state began to work on cleaning up their voter rolls. They were working to identify those who are ineligible to vote.


A few examples of why someone might not be eligible include their being dead, illegal, not registered to vote, or they don't even live in the state anymore and are registered to vote in another state. The Florida State Board of Elections was trying very hard to carry out their responsibilities. The Justice Department intervened and told them to cease and desist.


The governor of Florida estimates there are at least 100,000 people on the voter registration rolls who do not belong there. Since these people are not qualified to vote, why would the attorney general want to stop the state from ensuring the voter registration rolls are valid? Better yet, why does the president allow this to happen?


The final example is the now infamous “Fast and Furious” case. Since this is so familiar to almost every reader, there's no need to go into all the intricate details. Suffice it to say our government was running guns to Mexico. The result of this operation was one Border Patrol agent was murdered by guns our government supplied to Mexican drug lords. What is not being discussed is the number of Mexican citizens who may also have been killed by these very same guns.


In an effort to cover up this operation and the motives behind it, the attorney general refused to cooperate with a congressional oversight committee investigation and was found in contempt of Congress. In a display of malfeasance in office, the President of the United States invoked Executive Privilege in an attempt to stop Congress from discovering any more information concerning this fiasco.


The purpose of these examples is to show you how we are under attack by our government. Whether it is a direct assault on our law enforcement officers and citizens working to protect themselves, or whether it is an assault on protections afforded us under our Constitution, we are under attack. Our president, our attorney general, and members of Congress choose to side with people engaged in illegal activity instead of the law-abiding citizens of this land.


Our government is not doing its job and is out of control. Maybe the Forgotten Men of WFMD930AM are right; in order to get our government back on track we need a constitutional convention to work on further restricting the power of government and putting it back in the hands of the citizens of this great country.


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