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As Long as We Remember...

July 2, 2012

Casa de Obama

Steven R. Berryman

After the Supreme Court of The United States decision upholding Obamacare that coincided with my root canal therapy last Thursday, I’m ready to concede that relative to His Majesty, the President, “we are just squirrels playing around in his world.”


I stole that last sentence from filmmaker Spike Lee, who reflects the black experience in his work; that quote goes back to the mid-80s, prophetically.


Also, the above-mentioned oral surgery was the highlight of my day.


The world is squarely upside down now, even viewed sideways through those new Google point-of-view porn camera glasses. Our president now has The Supremes joining up with his third triad of government, the Executive Branch.


The Casa de Obama comes complete with a ruling for Arizona that both Sheriffs Chuck Jenkins and Joe Arpaio are prepared to resist. The numbers one and two local law enforcement heroes have both stated that they will continue aspects of the 287(g) program to the fullest extent allowable.


How dare that a state – with skin in the game – concoct state laws mirroring federal laws and seek to enforce them! After all, isn’t choosing to not enforce laws the federal domain?


In the Arizona ruling, President Obama had his way with the Supreme Court, convincing them through arguments that Illegal immigrant border enforcement is not a states’ rights issue. That model failed in the Obamacare decision allowing the feds to usurp all of healthcare; this, fully nationalizing 18% of our entire economy in one way or another.


I would be less mystified on the consistency of the health system ruling – claiming Constitutional grounds – had the Supreme Court not protected states from federal retaliation if they chose not to enlarge Medicaid.


But, argue it any way you please; decisions in the Casa de Obama last week were political, despite statements to the contrary by Chief Justice John Roberts, Jr. Radio guru, Dr. Michael Savage, blamed it on “medications taken to counter epilepsy, clouding his cognition.” What other explanation would there be for the “conservative Chief Justice Roberts” to rule as he did?


Or was this some sort of verbal Trojan horse virus to enable the GOP rage and Tea Party “awakening?”


“It was a TAX; it was a TAX it was a TAX….”


No, that was not the Tea Party yelling through their megaphones; THAT was the Supreme Court’s exact verbiage from the ruling. Obamacare will stand, and on grounds of taxing authority, as that is most convenient.


Anchor Gwen Ifill, on PBS’ Washington Weeks’ panel discussion, could not agree on any rationale for the contrasts in justification by the Supreme Court between the Arizona and Obamacare decisions, but comments pretty much confirmed that it was a giant non-sequitur, but allowable in this incidence where “the ends justified the means.” Political to the max!


The Public Television broadcasters were giddy with the surprise and delight that their predictions were thoroughly wrong, rendering them all no more status than other talking heads. But, “mission accomplished!” It was a real party…


Strangely, the footage of the Romney Campaign response to the day’s events did not reflect the trauma and passion I had hoped for. Clearly the GOP frontrunner did not want to be justifying his own state-level position on unified healthcare through the election season instead of ramping up his focus on the economy and jobs.


Lastly, the president was fully able to present his stealth power in public at last.


Not only did the Casa de Obama usurp another branch of government, but he made them sit up and do tricks too, allowing for the emergency resurrection needed – just in time – for the flailing campaign 2012.


But after all this, at least the media punditocracy has been served its gruel, enough contrast in consistency to allow for argument ad nauseum ’til the apocalypse.


And they had to render the 200 page legal decision…in order to see what was in it!


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