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As Long as We Remember...

June 28, 2012

Family First Always

Blaine R. Young

On January 8th of this year The Frederick News Post published an editorial in which they advised me that I should “step away from (my) radio show for the rest of (my) term and dedicate (myself) to (my) public office.”


On January 15th they published my reply. Among other things, I advised the News-Post that, like them, I have the right to earn a living. I have an obligation to abide by the law and all county ethical regulations, but I have the absolute right to earn a living, just as everyone who works for The Frederick News Post does.


Six months later it appears that the great thinkers at the News-Post have come up with another reason why I should now give up my radio show. The powers-that-be at the News-Post have concluded, in their ultimate wisdom, that because I have stated that I might run for governor I should immediately shut down the show and give up a portion of my annual income. Thank you, Mr. Editor, for continuing to watch out for me and my family.


Because as the News-Post further states, I am somehow now going back on some pledge (which I never made) that I would completely quit politics after one term as a member of the Board of County Commissioners, supposedly all in the interest of my family.


While I greatly appreciate the continued and repeated advice from the News-Post as to how best to take care of my family, I think I will assume that responsibility on my own, without their overeager assistance.


And let me make myself clear, again, for these editors who apparently have trouble understanding the English language.


What I said during the entire 2010 campaign, and what I say now and will follow to the letter, is that I will never again run for county commissioner or any other county office. I know what words did and did not come out of my own mouth. I ran because I was tired of just complaining about what I saw to be a complete lack of leadership at the county level. I ran with three other candidates as a slate, we got elected, and since we’ve been in office we have done what is apparently unthinkable at the News-Post: We have kept our promises and done what we said we would do throughout the campaign.


For the News-Post to tell me now, in the interest of my family, I should deprive them of a source of my annual income, is the height of arrogance. Remember, this is the same newspaper that just a few weeks ago advised that I should not run for governor. So, if I follow the advice of the News-Post, I would not run for office and I would also not be on the radio. It makes me wonder what their real agenda is. Stop and silence Blaine Young.


Is it possible that the News-Post finds it inconvenient to have a counter voice in the media in Frederick County? Has it been a comfortable monopoly for so long that when another voice is heard in our local media all it wants to do is silence it?


For an organization that loves to shout about the First Amendment when it suits them, The Frederick News-Post seems to be overly anxious to squelch a competing media outlet. As I said in my January 15th letter to the editor, neither I, nor to my knowledge has anyone at WFMD Radio, ever suggested that The Frederick News-Post should stop publishing, or that any writer or editor should leave the staff. We are content to leave the operations of the newspaper to the people who run the newspaper.


However, The Frederick News-Post does not seem to want to afford the same courtesy to a competing media outlet.


Let me be very clear to The Frederick News-Post. I will always continue to scrupulously obey the law and all applicable regulations when it comes to my radio show. But I will not voluntarily leave the airwaves so that they may return to their convenient and comfortable monopoly status in the media market in Frederick County.


And, as a final note, and as I have said since I embarked on my current endeavor, the reason I am considering running for governor is because of my family. Things are in such a mess financially in the State of Maryland, and the future of our state is hanging by such a thin thread, that if nothing else I want to be able to look my children in the eye 5 to 10 years from now when this state faces bankruptcy and tell them I tried to do something about it.


I am going to continue to attempt to do something about it. You have my word.


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