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June 25, 2012

Is “ObamaFair” the answer?

Steven R. Berryman

Finally, at long last, our president of “everyman” in America has introduced legislation to get Americans displaced by the changing economy transitioned back to work. The “Employability Act for the Structurally Unemployed” or “ObamaFair,” if passed, will enable millions of citizens to learn their way back into the workforce.


Responding to complaints that entire industries have been forever disrupted by the permanent changes to “the new normal” of the Great Recession, our president has finally enabled bipartisan legislation designed to attack the root problems suffered by our hardest hit unemployed millions; retraining for transitions into entirely new job sectors will be subsidized by a combination of grants and incentives to colleges and universities.


A living wage will be offered to those qualifying for the new program, advanced from future withholdings of Social Security payments. This will be enabled by simply allowing the U.S. dollar to float in the world market as a “fiat currency.” The White House admits that this may allow for a brief period of hyper-inflation, but sales of bonds to ourselves should offset much of the immediate pain.


Interestingly, self appointed tax guru Grover Norquist and New York Times’ Tom Friedman have agreed to withhold judgment pending evaluation.


The basis of the new program is that some job categories will simply never ever return: construction jobs, automotive assembly line workers, aerospace engineering, newspaper editors, and middle level retail management positions, and architects, just to name a few. The world is taking on permanent structural changes that mean cost-cutting consolidations will rule the Human Resources hiring offices.


“People need jobs, and a job is an American birthright,” said the president in a brief announcement at the East Wing vegetable garden. “We will retrain the displaced into jobs with a future.”


Asked for a list of fields expected to get a boost from the proposed legislation, the president’s press secretary offered that heavy investments will be made in the manufacture of alternative fuel cells, science related to the real impact of global warming, agri-business related to burning corn, and recycling technology. Advance degrees in babysitting and French-fry dipping will also be featured.


At this moment, even the casual reader of has figured out that this is a tongue-in-cheek column, intended to highlight what’s actually happening out there. With all of the “liberal” usage of the term fair, it’s ironic that these acts of June 2012 are decidedly not.


In case you have been on vacation or living under a rock, or have been glued to National Public Radio or MSNBC, you need to take note of, and action where appropriate, to the following summary of actual events:


President Barack Obama, without advice from the Congress, has unilaterally dictated as an Executive Decree that he wants undocumented workers (some call illegals) under the age of 30 to be able to take American jobs without fear of deportation. Call or defend this as you will, it amounts to amnesty granted especially to certain groups known to benefit Democrat voter rolls reliably. The timing is notably suspect, and motivations are obvious. This is an obvious move to pander and distract from the real economic issues of the day.


Lost in the collaboration are real solutions for real Americans!


This comes at the absolute worst time for the actual American citizen who has been patiently waiting on the sidelines for things to turn around – as has been repeatedly promised – as thousands of people have now been pumped into the competition for jobs.


Where is the call for an “Americans First” movement?


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