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June 19, 2012

Twisted Morality

Roy Meachum

The same fierce exponents of an individual’s constitutional rights feel justified in going into anyone else’s bedroom. Their intrusion comes in the name of a twisted morality.


On the pretext of saving a life, they interfere in the highly personal decisions on abortion. Some extremists believe strongly that a pregnancy caused by rape should be taken to full-term and the baby given away, which strikes me as the greatest horror in the situation. A few insist on a mother bearing a child despite the medical prognosis that it may cost her life. No matter the danger – emotional, spiritual, and marital – they stick their big noses into other people’s business.


Most of the civilized world stands aghast at the Chinese government’s limiting one woman to one child. Many examples have been revealed of people prosecuted and jailed because of the law. Some Americans are no better. They rampage through the bedroom yelling against – besides abortion – homosexuality in any form: lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. They thunder that the only “natural love” is between women and men. Since the beginning of life on this planet some attribute the objectionable trait to anything else, except “nature” – where wild animals practice all forms.


The 20th Century ended racial segregation and boosted females closer in status to white males; therefore, traditionalists fear what comes next. On November’s election ballot, voters will be able to challenge the same-sex marriage law passed by the General Assembly at the most recent legislative session and signed by the governor. The law cannot come into effect until January 2013.


Surveys have held the population’s opinion has changed. We are lead to believe President Barack Obama’s endorsement made all the difference in attitudes. His fellow African Americans formed much of the “agin” force, their ministers in particular. Since Marylanders are mostly Democrats, it would be interesting to see if he had announced his backing last winter when the debate was the hottest. Furthermore, the White House proclaimed June as the month for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender.


Baltimore held its annual Pride Day this weekend, and the Rev. Donte’ L. Hickman was across town, staying away from Druid Hill Park. The pastor of the influential Southern Baptist Church was quoted: “I think the pews are ahead of lot of the pulpits. The church should not allow its convictions to impose upon other people’s human rights.”


In thousands of words I have read on the subject, Mr. Hickman’s phrases were closer to my convictions. As I wrote, “twisted morality” is the only thing I can blame for the existing sad situation. Being from Louisiana, I heard the Bible when growing up; it was used to justify segregation and the distant place women held in that world. Well into the 21st Century, it no longer “washes” – if it ever did.


Still on the Internet, “experts” claim to cure homosexuality, both in males and females. Someone who finds both genders pleasurable, the ads have nothing to say about. In my childhood New Orleans, “queers” and “fags” freely thrived despite the labels pinned on them by their lesser human beings.


On November 6, I will vote to uphold the new law on single sex marriages, not slyly but openly, as this column says.


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