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June 5, 2012

They Are Wrong!

Roy Meachum

Presidential elections come in less than two weeks, in Egypt. The overwhelming number of Americans is betting against the Muslim Brotherhood; they are flatly afraid and ignorant of Islam, by their own choice. In their minds, they prefer disgraced President Hosni Mubarak’s last prime minister. They are wrong!


Above all, my fellow citizens want a return to the good old days when Anwar Sadat made peace with Israel and U.S. aid flowed; basically they don’t give a tinker’s damn about the largest Arab nation. They would appreciate not having to hear again of Egypt and other Muslim countries – which is why they paid scant attention to the assassination of Mr. Sadat.


His successor and vice president, General Mubarak, maintained the trains on time, at least in local terms. Following tradition since British imperial days, he kept a tight lid on Muslims. Israel and their powerful allies in the United States were content – never mind what the men, women and children in Cairo, Alexandria, Aswan and portions near the Suez Canal and the Red Sea thought. Washington was very comfortable with the proportion of democracy allowed along the Nile. The “new” president was thrown out of his palace by demonstrators who wanted more.


In sentencing the former president to life in prison, Judge Ahmed Rifaat described Mr. Mubarak’s tenure: “30 years of intense darkness – black, black, black, the blackness of a chilly winter night,” according to The New York Times. He then sentenced the fallen tyrant for being an accessory for the killing of 240 protestors – for not stopping their slaughter. In fact, the estimates are much higher, to the tune of 850, by human rights activists. Acquitted by the court were five police chiefs, including Ahmed Razy, who led the helmeted force that used weapons against the protestors during the demonstrations that started January 25, 2011.


The judiciary trio refused to touch the corruption issue, which still lies festering. In fact, appointments of officials, including judges and all the stenographers, are left intact – making it very important that ex-prime minister Ahmed Shafiq must not be elected on June 16 and 17.


How important to this country? When I lived in Cairo in 1978, the population was given $43 million for the country; estimates now are verging on $84 million. With our national birth rate descending, by 2050 Egypt could approach the number in the United States. How they could live? The One God knows – Allah bas yaraf.


By the nature of radical movements, they modify in order to gain power. Muslim Brotherhood’s Muhammad Morsi has already solemnly promised not to seek Sharia, Islamic law. In the primaries, he and Mr. Shafiq froze out Aymun Nour. The liberal candidate spent time in prison for running against Mr. Mubarak earlier. Mr. Nour endorsed Mr. Morsi against “business as usual,” established by Gamal Abdul Nasser when he chased off postwar England in 1952.


It’s beyond expectation that readers buy the Quran, Islam’s Holy Book. But it behooves you to listen to someone who owns – and has read – three different editions. In the present situation I also must endorse Muslim Brotherhood’s Muhammad Morse – for the sake of my country and all American pocketbooks.


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