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June 1, 2012

Good Move!

Roy Meachum

The United States, Britain, France, Germany, Bulgaria, Australia, Spain, Italy and Canada gave three days’ notice; they kicked out Syrian diplomats. They put in economic sanctions against Damascus. They reacted to the torn country’s latest massacre, again in the area of Homs.


Russia and China failed to come along; they’re still fighting the Cold War – their forms of communism against the free-enterprise countries. Vladimir Putin has become the newly inaugurated president in Moscow. There is great danger he may find himself all alone. Newly enriched China is opening itself to the world. The outstanding example presents itself in the form of lawyer Chen Guangcheng.


When the Peking regime set him free from prison, Mr. Chen continued his anti-abortion activities, which led to another house arrest which ended when he took refuge in the country’s American embassy. A diplomatic hassle followed, and he wound up leaving China for permanent residence in the United States. How permanent? The answer lies in how Peking adapts to the reality of its present position. (He adds his considerable stature to this nation’s Pro-Life movement.)


As for Mr. Putin, while he has majority approval, demonstrations continue. In a recent survey, more Russians preferred strong central leadership to democracy. In essence, they don’t trust themselves. Those “agin” have bitter memories from the Soviet Union. The last I heard Moscow’s chief of government was headed for Damascus to see for himself. He has lots to gain by aligning his nation with Western Europe, terminating his country’s isolation.


Unlike George W. Bush, his presidential successor is terminating what was perceived internationally as a crusade against Islam by the United States. Barack Obama has firmly placed the nation into a coalition consisting of the European countries named and Australia. The Central Intelligence Agency appears to have not received the message. Its drones continue to fertilize anti-Americanism wherever they fall. In Yemen, Afghanistan and Pakistan, the CIA is once again exhibiting its dumbness and unawareness. Like some military brass hats, they pay no attention to the inevitable pullout.


Meanwhile, Mr. Obama can take credit, which means Mitt Romney and his Republicans lose. The daily casualties remain as tragic reminders of the past: America’s “colonial wars” in Vietnam, the Caribbean, Iraq and Afghanistan. They were staged largely on behalf of big business, the most blatant was Iraq. Ex-Vice President Richard Cheney could be said to clean up for the company where he was CEO, between government jobs. Several months after the 2001 inauguration he called a meeting for big corporations. The rest of us paid for the results…and continue to pay.


For the present administration, the stand on Syria remains a win-win situation. The massacre ravaged Houla in the same province as Homs. Pro-government militia slaughtered some 108 villagers, which included 49 children and 34 women, according to the United Nations. Artillery was deployed, but the U.N. said less than 20 fell during the barrage.


“Most of the rest of the victims were summarily executed in two separate incidents,” said the spokesman for the Geneva-based U.N. Commissioner for Human Rights. “At this point it looks like entire families were shot in their homes.”


All civilized people are horror stricken, but the United States made the right move by not rushing in, allowing other nations to coalesce in opposition. The days are long past when powerful America can put on a cowboy hat and kick out our enemies’ “stuffings.”


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