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As Long as We Remember...

May 14, 2012

More “economics of illegal immigration”

Steven R. Berryman

A fresh face, Hispanic-featured, appeared in the columnists’ corner of The Frederick News-Post on Saturday; it was a doctor, formerly from my medical group, Parkview Medical. I looked forward to learning his views on illegal-immigration.


The title intrigued me: “Some economics of illegal immigration.” It turned out to be a free commercial, in support of the illegal community, sanctioned by the paper.


Dr. Menocal had removed himself from Parkview to strike out on his own with a new practice. He admitted that one of his specialties was in knowingly serving the children of illegals; his dismay was that he had to serve more of them to make the same money he had been accustomed to, as most were on social (government) assistance.


This was clearly stated in the column.


The editors of The Frederick News-Post forgot to add his link to their Internet edition, so there was much to explore in print only. This also meant that no comments would be forthcoming; convenient! My experience is that the paper never make this mistake unless the content is to be avoided, or is embarrassing.


In the late afternoon Saturday the editors finally posted this link to his column; I searched it out on its archives:


Conflicting thoughts raced through my head; this bright man was providing a needed service and “taking care of his own,” on the one hand, and aiding and abetting illegal activity on the other. Yes, I know that the Hippocratic Oath is blind, deaf, and dumb.


By broadcasting his practice, both he and The Frederick News-Post created a free advertisement attracting illegal Hispanic immigrants – specifically – to come in from the cold and get discount medical treatment. The doctor admittedly profits by his “looking the other way.” Dr. Menocal is making our community even more of a “magnet community” in the face of efforts to the contrary by our proactive Sheriff Chuck Jenkins.


Giving away a free, no-questions-asked, publicly funded education in Frederick County (again, with free medical clinics in some schools) is incentive enough.


Justification of the embracing and support of illegal activity came at the top of his column: “Without a Hispanic presence, the Golden Mile would be in steep economic decline.”


Of course, the West End, or Golden Mile, has been eclipsed for 20 years due to gentrification and revitalizing downtown Frederick, and due to the consequent dipping prices of townhouses and apartments, it has attracted a uniform enclave of Mexican, and South and Central Americans. Part of the impact is to allow for a transplanted Hispanic community, where the natural tendency to assimilate is retarded as everyone speaks Spanish already, anyway. Of course, this is pure human nature, and natural economics as the author points up.


Do ask the Frederick Police about the drug and gang activity in the Golden Mile area as a trend, though. At night, others fear to tread.


Dr. Menocal then praises the illegal’s purchasing power as a justification for allowing community building in a forsaken stretch that nobody else wants. Does that really make a no-go-zone more palatable to our community and state at large?


His closing paragraph sums it all up: “The support from the Latin community, legal and illegal, has allowed the practice to eke out a living while paying for nine full-time employees. All of these employees pay federal, state and local taxes.”


I read that as: Nine full time employees share in the spoils of a medical practice benefiting from – presumably an all cash paying – illegally present, large group of immigrants. How the good doctor knows that they all pay federal taxes is something of a mystery to me, though. Maybe they just get the benefit of the doubt?


IRS take note!


Again, I’m all for helping out the medically distressed, especially those without means; I’m one of them myself. But this facet alone does not allow for the harboring and enabling – knowingly by this account – of illegally present families in Frederick County, Maryland.


Until we sort out the elements that continue to make this open support of border violators so acceptable, we will continue to be “the magnet state of Maryland; all illegals welcome.”


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