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May 11, 2012

The Nanny-State Life of Julia

Joe Charlebois

The Obama-Biden campaign strategists have attempted to simplify the Obama agenda through a cartoon illustration of a woman named Julia at many different stages of her life. What it illustrates quite well is how an American woman – in this case Julia – is dependent on the state to protect her and provide for her through her entire cradle to grave existence.


The 12 stations in life that the Obama campaign team has chosen to key on start with Julia at age three and end when Julia turns 67.The stations address education and student loans, healthcare and contraception, equal pay and minority owned Small Business Administration loans; and Medicare and Social Security.


What the “Life of Julia” is, of course, is the perfect definition and description of the progressive – or statist – agenda. It reflects how far we’ve changed as a nation when the federal government is responsible for local school funding and policies; dictating what employers must or cannot do in relation to benefits and salary; and forcing employees to make mandatory contributions into a failed Social Security program.


When it comes to education, there are no constitutional grounds for the federal government to be using our taxpayer funds for implementation of educational programs and policies no matter what the benefit may be.


President George W. Bush was wrong on this matter as well. The $69.9 billion discretionary budget of the Department of Education trails only the Department of Defense and Department of Health and Human Services in the amount of funding. The funds appropriated for the Department of Education should be eliminated from the federal budget and returned to the states to use in their budgets as each individual state or commonwealth sees fit.


Each of our 50 states has very specific needs. Each federal administration has attempted to – and is required to – try to shoe-horn specific policies and practices that may not fit the needs and/or wants of each individual school district throughout the country. In the attempt to meet every need, the department has failed to produce the desired results that it was founded to do.


Healthcare, no matter what the campaign of President Obama states, has never been in question in the United States. We have the premiere healthcare system in the world. Most innovations in the past half of a century have come from the United States.


We have continued to be the font of these breakthroughs because there is reward for the risk taken by those who have discovered these new procedures, pharmaceuticals and devices.


Our country – for the time being – hasn’t taken over the delivery system of procedures, practices and drugs yet; but when and if they do, it will stifle the innovative process to a point where lives will be in jeopardy as no Pfizer or Eli Lilly will look to spend billions of dollars to bring to market a drug or device that a federal board of bureaucrats would say is too expensive.


Healthcare insurance and the individual components of a plan are a contract between an employer and his/her employee; this is a benefit provided to an employee; it is insurance, not a right.


If an employer wanted to provide a plan without any pharmaceutical coverage, it should be his or her option to do so. The federal government should not have the ability to step into contract negotiations between employers and their employees.


The Obama campaign team realizes that a majority of today’s society has grown up with these federal intrusions as a part of their lives and any threat to returning to a Constitution-based government would be tantamount to the “discriminatory” practices not seen since the Eisenhower Administration.


The Julia of today – as portrayed by the Obama campaign – is a woman who would not be able to survive under any administration that doesn’t follow the statist agenda. It is embarrassingly sad to learn that President Barack Obama and his campaign don’t see women as equal and strong members of our community. Their belief is that women are unable to succeed without handouts from Mother Government.


Today, millions of women have not only gotten by, but succeeded without Headstart; without participating in Race to the Top; without receiving $10,000 of American Opportunity Tax Credits; without receiving healthcare benefits as an adult from their parents’ employers, and without having their employer pay for contraceptives.


Unlike the president, I actually have a daughter named Julia. I hope that as she grows older she doesn’t buy into the nonsense being peddled by the statists currently running our country that she needs to look to Washington to solve all of her personal, educational and fiscal needs.


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