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As Long as We Remember...

April 30, 2012

Zombies, Robots, and Aliens for Obama

Steven R. Berryman

A cool T-shirt that contains a Venn diagram (three circles interconnected,) reminded me of the three sub-groups of people most responsible for the political base and future of the Obama 2012 campaign, now in its fourth year.


The labels inside the interconnected circles are the groups: zombies, robots, and aliens.


At first I assumed this to be a hip joke aimed at the science-fiction crowd, or movie “fangoria geeks,” computer nerds, paranoid “doomsday preppers,” and the like; then I pondered it.


Yes, indeed, the intersection of the three circles is not an Olympics logo or an old beer can brand, it’s a list of the Democrats top three constituent personalities!


Let us first take a look at zombies, as in “Night of the Living Dead,” for example. Zombies in movies are depicted as dead men walking, or the dead animated back to a partially living state, sometimes with a hunger for human flesh.


A zombie goes through the motions of life transfixed on a path that they cannot control, lurching single-mindedly toward a goal they do not understand; these “dead men walking” have given up their ability to think for themselves and also their open-mindedness (except for severe wounds) in some past life, and now politically they only live to vote from the dead, based upon what their ilk have always done, for good reasons or bad.


And we haven’t even gotten into vote fraud!


Zombies also eat their own should they fall off the wagon and consider any right-leaning path or organized thought. Ironically, emotionalism lives in Democrats and not zombies, but that’s wholly misleading.


If zombies could talk (they can only mumble incoherently and moan,) their favorite saying would be “because that’s the way we’ve always done it.” This can be observed in the modern world in the form of the lifelong Democrat.


Be warned now; some of them look just like humans!


Now consider the robots; these are metal made, non-human by definition, animate beings coined by Isaac Asimov, as in the flick “I Robot.” Original 1950s robots were shown as block-headed in fanzines like the classic pulp monthly “Analog.”


Political robots are not self-programming as is the plot in some fantasy films that allow for the concept of the coming into life of non-humans. Down through the ages, American Democrats from Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt to Lyndon B. Johnson performed the robot’s programming in a subtle and deviously litigious way. Robots were conditioned to believe that they lacked free will, could not take care of themselves, and were wholly reliant on government for all basic life needs (not that they had a life).


Democrats proceeded to indoctrinate the robots in a scheme, though not even mentioned in The United States Constitution, called “the public education system.” They are taught that freedom is only an illusion when one buys-in.


Note that the American moneyed “elites” avoid this, saving their own, through the private school systems. Intellectuals with money know better… Some even become capitalists.


Some robots resisted the programming indoctrination and are called radicals. This group tends to the political Right, but can assume a massive tumor-like cancerous state when headed to the socialist Left.


Now fully part of the Obama voting block, they walk among us, undetected. Being successfully programmed, they reliably vote Democrat.


The group “aliens” makes up the third circle of our political Venn diagram. Aliens from outer space can be one interpretation, but those from a foreign land can be another!


Political aliens that come from another planet, of course, do not recognize such concepts as pride in citizenship, pleasure in patriotism, and appreciation in our origin by the gun in breaking away from an evil empire. One is not “politically correct,” the next is considered jingoistic, and the other now only harkens to vigilante justice.


Sound familiar? Yes, many Democrats do come from other planets, such as Uranus. Note that public schools that used to focus on these items are now preoccupied by teaching songs about ethnic fairness, gender equality, African origin studies, and other issues peripheral to being American.


Now “illegal” aliens are another matter altogether.


They do come from Earth, but from across the fences. They do share in common with the extraterrestrial aliens the ignorance of missing culture, history, patriotism, and appreciation for the rule of law. But they do also reliably vote for Obama’s Democrat machine, as do the zombies and robots.


Of course, these illegal aliens expect liberal goodies in return, like the free indoctrination, free medical, social services, etc….


Come to think of it, I’d actually prefer the evil E.T. variety aliens from other solar systems; at least we’d have a chance with them, as in Will Smith’s “Independence Day.”


And wasn’t Jane Fonda one of them?


* * * * * * * * *


[The original photo with our Venn diagram can be seen at: Zombies, Robots, and Aliens Venn diagram. Do note the contents of both the exact intersection field, and of the penumbras!]


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