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April 23, 2012

Using Your Brain in November

Jill King

Amazing revelations are occurring when it comes to the upcoming presidential election. Both sides have a host group to pander to. Democrats are attempting to appeal to women, while Republicans are looking for a common denominator with pet owners and animal rights activists.


There are two tales here that could be ignored or inciting. Neither of them holds any water, as to the value added necessities that should aid in making a decision for whom to vote.


According to a study accomplished by the Center for the American Woman and Politics, there is a gender gap, when it comes to the percentage of women and men voting for the same candidate. In the 2008 election there was a seven point difference, with women voting for Barack Obama.


Women typically vote for Democrats. So it begins….


About a week ago, Hilary Rosen choreographed a blow to Republican candidate Mitt Romney, spouting off that his wife Anne has never worked a day in her life.


When viewing this it is important to realize that former Massachusetts Governor Romney has been extremely successful in business ventures. He has created an atmosphere in which his wife had the ability to stay home and tend to her children. Granted, she did have help within her house, but she did not have to work outside the home.


The issue here: how many people can we make envious of a woman, with a successful husband? Do you think Jackie Kennedy (Onassis) stayed home and raised her children?


The mere suggestion of this has left women complaining or finding no fault in her actions. The male perspective: Who cares? Let’s see if the divorce rate goes up again over this issue as it has any time women fight for such a folly.


Even if Ms. Rosen apologized, and it wasn’t orchestrated by the left, it has been embedded; many women are continuing her assault, challenging the conservative stance on abortion by picketing fundraisers.


Can women find anything in common with Anne Romney? Is anyone planning frequent travel plans well ahead of their husband now, or did they run out and get the Michelle Obama haircut?




What is it that women really want? Do they want to stay home and raise their children, be successful, manage a business, or raise their children all by themselves?


Would anyone vilify Anne Romney if she was the bread winner and Mitt had stayed home with the children? Would he even be running for president if this were true?


Women are and have been saying that they have to stick together. What are they sticking together for? Are they in a harem now? No, that’s right; it is the anti-harem, the age of the self-sufficient woman.


When Sarah Palin was running for political office, there were those who criticized her for working outside the home, leaving her children under someone else’s watch.


This is completely befuddling.


There are many items that contribute to our current fiscal crisis as a nation. Unemployment is rising, the number of people receiving welfare, including food stamps, is on the rise, and parents are vilified for working while their children are being cared for by someone else. Even teachers claim credit in their upbringing.


If Anne Romney took a saleswoman job at Saks Fifth Avenue, wouldn’t there be an outcry?


If this is the new age of the “Women’s Movement,” any woman with character should ask to be removed from their list.


As a woman with integrity and survival skills, we should all be glad for those who can provide in such manner for their children, not envy everything about them.


Yes, some of us will marry into money, but most of us know what it is like to prepare the children for school or the sitter, or to head for work wondering if our child is cared for in the manner we expect.


The phenomenon of using survival instinct has hit many of us. It is important to be self sufficient, free of dependence on others to fork over their tax dollars for the sake of our choices.


Hopefully, this is why the women’s movement happened, not for the sake of envy, but for the sake of cleansing, ridding ourselves of the guilt of having to work.




Attention pet owners: Did you know that President Barack Obama willingly admitted that he ate dog meat while growing up in Indonesia and knew what he was eating?


This has been the new joke, slam, and sound bite used to attract pet owners to the Republican campaign.


Well, maybe many are laughing about it, but I am sure PETA has a thing or two to say. For that matter, they do. They offer that “President Barack Obama should get a pass for his history of eating dog meat because he was a child at the time – but the adults who fed it to him shouldn’t,” as provided to Nicole Dao of The Daily Caller.


Arizona Sen. John McCain didn’t give him a pass though. He tweets, along with a picture of his son’s dog. "Good pic of my son Jimmy's bulldog, Apollo – I’m sorry, Mr. President, he's not on the menu!"


Well, at least all is still light in the Republican camp.


There is a common theme here. Do we listen to others on the misconstrued assaults on candidates or should we be paying attention to the issues?


It is time that people disregard the category theories, instead use their brain when it comes to elections.


The key to wisdom is this – constant and frequent questioning ... for by doubting we are led to question, and by questioning we arrive at the truth – Peter Abelard (1079 – April 21, 1142)


Retraining my brain for the future, conferring with my past…


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