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As Long as We Remember...

April 19, 2012

Doomsday, Smoonsday: Itís a Hoax

Blaine R. Young

Over the last year we have witnessed budget battles at both the federal and state levels that made it very clear that our so-called “leaders” couldn’t manage an airport shoeshine stand, much less manage the budgets of our country and our state.


Who can forget the theatrical drama last summer over the federal budget, and the down-to-the-wire negotiations over legislation to increase the legal amount we can borrow and force our children and grandchildren to try and repay?


The only people who enjoyed that were the Chinese, as they know we’re going to become more and more indebted to them so that the current administration can continue buying votes with public money to ensure re-election this November.


And this was followed by the pathetic performance of our state legislature in the session that just concluded. The final act of this absurd drama was the legislators leaving town without agreeing on a budget for the next fiscal year. As a result, a so-called “Doomsday Budget” is in effect unless the General Assembly comes back for a special session before July 1.


We now have people crying because of all of the supposed cuts that will be made by reason of this “Doomsday Budget.” Towns, cities and counties in Maryland are threatened with loss of funding if this budget is not “fixed. This is all propaganda served to you by your cowardly monopoly of Democrats who run the state through Annapolis.


Let’s look at the facts.


The so-called “Doomsday Budget” doesn’t cut anything. In fact, it spends a half a billion dollars more than last year’s budget! That’s right, this budget – that is supposed to be the end of the world for all of us in Maryland because it supposedly will require deep cuts in the social programs cherished by liberals – actually represents an increase in tax dollars extracted from us and an increase in government spending of one-half of a billion dollars.


You haven’t heard that from the people wiping the tears from their eyes, complaining about the dramatic cuts that will be made and how our lifestyles will be forever diminished because of this budget. And that is because you are not being told the truth by these arrogant, gutless career politicians who lord over us from their thrones in Annapolis and treat us like their menial subjects in their kingdom.


And just wait until we see the special session that is sure to follow. It won’t be long now before our chief taxecutioner, Gov. Martin O’Malley, calls upon his able lieutenants, Senate President Thomas V. ‘Mike’ Miller (Calvert/Prince George’s) and Speaker Michael Busch (Anne Arundel), to send out the call for everyone to come back to Annapolis so that they can raise our taxes and spend more money to continue their political careers and their stranglehold on government (and our wallets) in Annapolis.


What came out of Annapolis this session is by no means a “Doomsday Budget.” In the current economy we can certainly, as a state, figure out a way to live with only a half a billion dollars more money than we spent last year.


But I can promise you that this special session will be a “Doomsday Session” for the taxpayers. I see no limits on the number of new taxes and fees that the Democrats monopoly in Annapolis will concoct to help soothe the fears of all of those addicted to the government dole, with enough left over for them all to bring some home to sprinkle throughout the countryside and buy votes for their next election.


For, as we all know, the real tragedy of the “Doomsday Budget” would be if all those geniuses down there in Annapolis, who can’t figure out how to live on a half a billion dollars more this year than they had last year, were not returned to their precious legislative seats and allowed to continue to show us how they are smarter with our money than we are.


I do have some advice for our senators and delegates when they do get back to Annapolis for their Doomsday Session. How about taking a look at the other side of the budget. That’s right, there are two sides to every budget debate, or at least there should be. They are revenue and expenditures.


The only thing we hear coming out of Annapolis is the talk about how more revenue is needed. How about cutting some expenditures?


I would start with Casa de Maryland. Does anyone still think that there is any legitimate reason for tax dollars to be spent on this narrow interest group that exists for the primary purpose of protecting people who are breaking the law? Let’s start there before we start talking about raising our taxes yet again.


And as a final thought, when Washington was turned upside down last summer because they couldn’t reach a budget deal, all you heard was President Barack Obama and the Democrats blaming the Republicans. The Democrats in Annapolis can’t do that. They run the state single-handedly, and the only people they have to blame are themselves.


After this sorry performance during this year’s legislative session there is plenty of blame to go around, and I, for one, hope it falls squarely on their shoulders.


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