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As Long as We Remember...

April 9, 2012


Adam Avery

The progressive movement is winning the war on defining racism. It is a moving target and it doesn’t hesitate to shoot. I would define it as a brick wall to otherwise reasonable discourse between reasonable adults of various colors. Its players are winning. The rest of us are losing.


Today’s top-rated racism is media manufactured. It has been perfecting the formula for decades. It knows how to mobilize, to seize upon the opportunity of a good old race debate.


Along came an incredible opportunity in Florida. Assemble the media, wake up Jesse and Al, call the Black Panthers to confirm location and fire up the diesel known as racism. And let the starting point be that America is racist.


Enter the short, fat and balding George Zimmerman. He is the media’s villain, dubbed “half-man, half-Hispanic,” half vampire werewolf. Trayvon Martin is the media’s hero, dubbed “Angel.” You know the story, so I won’t bore you with it.


Instead, I will bore you with my lack of white guilt and lack of patience for politically correct talk about race and its “isms,” “ists” and various iterations.


Besides, this entire farce has been manufactured from the “get go.” A “half-white, half-Hispanic,” half sausage and mushroom hunts and kills an innocent and unarmed teenager, now get this, who happens to be black.




Was this a tragedy? Yes. Is it more tragic than problems with the black community which are threatening to abolish its relevance? No. Not hardly. But I can’t talk about illegitimacy, drop-out rates, single parent homes and kids raising kids. That would be racist.


Are you comfortable with the equivalent of the black KKK putting a bounty on the head of someone who was found by law enforcement to have had a credible defense? Are you comfortable with a couple of hipster race pimps defining racism and that which puts the “hate” in “hate crime?”


This is a scam. Don’t buy into it.


The incidence of half-white, half-Hispanic violent crime on young black males is not worthy of alarm. Black on black crime is worthy of alarm. But I can’t talk about that. That would be racist. And besides, white on white crime is prevalent, too.


The controversial “Stand Your Ground” law is worthy of discussion, but not in the context of hate crime and racism.


The Black Panthers’ putting a bounty on Mr. Zimmerman’s head is worthy of discussion. So, too, is Spike Lee’s tweeting Mr. Zimmerman’s address (though incorrectly, forcing an innocent couple to flee their home).


There are two ways to consider President Barack Obama’s weighing in prior to facts of the case being revealed: The president was showing us that he learned nothing from the Beer Summit. Or the president used the bully pulpit to garner votes by splitting blacks and whites on a sensitive issue.


NBC News unprofessionally-inaccurately and most likely purposefully-edited tape to make Mr. Zimmerman out as the most racist half-white, half-Hispanic mall cop on the planet. That is worthy of discussion.


And we can’t have a racist themed party without giving a shout out to Al and Jesse. Let’s not let their presentation go uncompensated. Throw them a few bones, hire one of their relatives, or make a donation to the Rainbow Coalition.


Good grief.


This isn’t about race. This is a shakedown. It’s always a shakedown. It just turns out that it comes at a good time for Mr. Obama, too. What better way to distract voters from the anemic economy, high unemployment and a fight with the Supreme Court?


Who in their right mind is going to speak out against the Black Panthers? Who wants those thugs showing up after Shelton Jackson Lee tweets your (wrong) address to the world?


No one sane.


Contrived, manufactured, fabricated – all of it. We are being hoodwinked by a “hoodie” (pronounced who-die).


If aftermath is anything, it is predictable. A black community will riot if Mr. Zimmerman isn’t tried. It will demand Mr. Zimmerman wear orange and be fat again. Just to make sure they are taken seriously, businesses and homes will be looted, and the block will burn.


If there is a trial and Mr. Zimmerman is found not guilty, a black community will riot and burn down its neighbor’s businesses.


If there is a trial and Mr. Zimmerman is found guilty, a black community will celebrate by rioting and destroying its neighbor’s property.


Whites will watch in disbelief and sink further into guilt. They will question how to act and what to say so as to not offend anyone. They will be tempted by hip-hop culture and the vernacular of the “in” crowd; but they will become less likely to express their opinions, especially in the company of people of color. And further division equates to apathy.


And that is when you know you have won the Progressive Game of Racism yet lost in reality……



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