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As Long as We Remember...

April 5, 2012

Primary Opinions and Observations

Blaine R. Young

Well, finally, the primary election is over. No more radio and newspaper ads, direct mail and or robo-calls for awhile. By the why this election cycle must have set a record for robo-calls.


I heard about or witnessed little, if any, old fashion door-to-door campaigning and or literature drops. There were not a ton of yards signs on display either this primary cycle.


Let’s start at the top and work our way down. Surprisingly, there wasn’t much activity in the Republican presidential race in terms of turn out. Maybe Republicans are finally realizing that Mitt Romney will be the nominee and did – like me – hold their noses and vote for him. Of course, this happened only after I was worked over by W.T. Mills and Paul Smith. It is time for the Republican Party to move on and stop eating our own and focus on the big prize. Mitt Romney won Frederick County and the State of Maryland.


In the new congressional Sixth District, the fireworks went flying over the weekend. On the Republican side, 911 tapes dealing with David Brinkley’s personal life reared their ugly head, as in this Internet age anything is fair game.


Everyone started blaming everyone and all were looking in the wrong place. Who had the most to benefit from something like this?


Creating a rift in the Republican Party that won’t heal anytime soon, if at all, was designed to draw people to the conclusion that it was done by a Republican candidate, primarily incumbent Roscoe Bartlett.


Seeing a poll just a day before giving him an almost 30 point lead in the race, this make no sense to me at all. Some say it was Del. Kathy Afzali (Frederick 4-A), which I do not believe, either. She felt the backlash from those who felt her email was totally uncalled for. She emailed a sincere apology, but the damage is done.


The original email was sent to a liberal website which reported it. That is why I believe that it was the Democrats who did it.


Roscoe won big and now moves on to face Democrat John Delaney (Montgomery), who demolished State Sen. Rob Garagiola (Montgomery) for whom the new Sixth District was designed specifically to benefit by the governor and Senate President Thomas V. “Mike” Miller.


Mr. Delaney claimed to have a poll that he was up 30 points; and, while we all thought his people were exaggerating, it was not that far off. The Democrats have quickly claimed that they have now united and their focus is on beating Congressman Bartlett. The Republicans need to unite quickly because the Democrats are going to do everything possible to win in November. This will be a $2 – $4 million primary/general election cycle in the Sixth District.


For the U.S. Senate Republican nomination, Dan Bongino won easily and has his work cut out for him to defeat Democratic incumbent Sen. Ben Cardin.


Using the campaign theme “My Friend Ben,” Cardin is in full campaign mood and not taking any chances. But, as Bongino points out, with friends like Ben we do not need any enemies as he has been lock step with President Barack Obama.


Ken Timmerman defeated Dave Wallace in the newly redrawn Eighth District and now will face incumbent Congressman Chris Van Hollen, who has over a million dollars on hand.


Many wish State Sen. David Brinkley (Frederick/Carroll) had run in the Eighth as Mr. Timmerman will have his hands full with Congressman Van Hollen. Do not discount or underestimate Ken Timmerman. He is well connected and very intelligent.


More to follow next week when I’ll offer my thoughts on the Board of Education election.



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