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April 5, 2012

Turnout, Nasty Campaigning and A Thank You

Joan Marie Aquilino

The presidential primary elections are now over in Maryland and my level of disappointment and disgust has risen in so many areas. Let me count the ways.


First, The Voter Turnout. If I wasn’t so worried about my own future and that of my family, I’d be tempted to say the hell with it and you get what you deserve. But I am worried about all of us and what our future will hold.


Debt, unemployment, over regulating and over taxing along with a depressing decrease in Frederick’s, Maryland’s and America’s pride is here and only getting worse by the day.


I’m completely shocked by the lack of caring in people who just didn’t bother. Apathy got us here and will continue dragging us down!


Every single election gives us an opportunity to change the direction of what is facing us, but more than 75% of the eligible citizens (In Frederick County) didn’t bother to get off their lazy rears and take that half-hour or so and vote.


Every possible option was literally made available, and still you couldn’t take the time. We had early voting and absentee both of which couldn’t have been easier. We have soldiers literally giving their lives, putting their own families on the back burners to afford you the right, the privilege and the honor of casting your vote. Yet you still sit there doing nothing and being the first to complain later. Shame on You!


Second, The Nasty Campaign. The underhanded, below the belt, snarky, creepy, cruel and thoughtless style of campaigning that some in the Republican Party seems to think is okay and acceptable, just do anything to win. You may win an election once in a while but you’ll be a loser in life.


Because of your actions will there be an abused person hesitant to call 911 now, thus waiting too long and possibly losing their lives for fear of being exposed by the likes of you?


Will a child struggling with life in general now go over the edge now?


Will you be the cause of someone being harmed or killed?


Can you live with that? To go after a candidate’s family is beyond reproach, and I pray that Karma does exist in moments like these.


After giving it a moment of thought, I’m actually not so sure about my last statement, I’m not sure I’m that hateful to wish that upon those you love. I don’t think I’m that cruel when “push comes to shove.”


All respect is lost on candidates of this caliber and those with whom they associate. Saying you didn’t do it, and blaming others just doesn’t cut it. The time lapse between that, “I’m not behind this” statement and when it hit the airwaves was too much of a lag, as well as the proof that was offered of where it came from. Reprinting is just as vile and reprehensible.


There are no free rides for anyone perpetrating these behaviors. You are accountable for your part and that of those around you. When you surround yourself with low-life, you become low-life. I know it happens on the Democrat side as well, but they aren’t who I support. I want us to be better than that, not drop to their level. Shame on you!


Third, The Board of Education. It was over the top, the control and influence of a union has eclipsed all rational thought and behavior. I’m sorry for the children and those good teachers in Frederick County.


The, “oh, woe is me, you owe me” mentality is beyond belief at times. If you want to teach, then thank you and do so. If you want to get a bigger paycheck, then figure out a way to cut the school system budget or find another job.


Very simple remedies exist. Shame on the unions and those who follow in lockstep., Shame on the PTA’s and those who blindly follow in lockstep and lastly Shame on the voters that can’t do their own research and depend on Apples to tell you what to do. Shame on you, every one of you, for not putting our children first.


Now it’s time to regroup and figure out how best to move forward. People who know me also know that I’m a conservative first and a Republican second.


Republicans show me there is honor in our party and prove why I should stand by you. Get rid of the scum. Apologize for bad behavior and refuse to take part in it; and, for God’s sake, stand by the morals and ethics we should all be expecting from you.


Stop talking about what you are going to do and what you tried to do and what you might do. Get out of your seat, stand up for our beliefs and do something! Stop worrying about your next election and worry about “the here and now” and what you can actually accomplish today. Do your job and do it now!  Shame on you otherwise!


Stop the rhetoric and the lies. Stand by what you say and mean it. I want people I can vote for without holding my nose. I want candidates who rise to the American level of pride and honor. I want candidates I can be proud of telling my children I voted for that woman or man and these are the reason I did so.


Closing on a brighter note, I want to thank our Frederick County Board of Election. They rose to the occasion and did their jobs with pride and honor. I hope our candidates can follow suit and do the same in the General Election.


. . . . .'til next time . . .


As always, I’d love to hear from you; so, let me know what’s on your mind by emailing, or contacting me directly at


“Just Joan” saying, be safe and “don’t believe everything you think.”


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