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April 5, 2012

Afzali Belies Her Persona and Rhetoric

Amanda Haddaway

I voted Tuesday in the primary election because it was my civic responsibility. I have voted in every election, but this one nagged at me more than others in the recent past.


I truly struggled with where to cast my vote for the Republican presidential nominee. I was almost hoping that a “none of the above” option would magically appear on the ballot.


Alas, that didn’t happen; and I had to make a choice, but the candidate doesn’t have my whole-hearted support. It was a vote for the lesser of the evils.


There were quite a few rumblings from fellow Republicans about a lack of excitement for the presidential candidates. The final nominee will have an uphill battle to convince voters that he is the best choice.


In local politics, my decisions were much easier. Although not all of my preferred candidates were victorious, I had no problems in casting my votes for the people I think would best represent my interests.


It is truly a shame that the campaign for the Sixth Congressional District became so ugly and personal. I, along with many other voters, lost total respect for congressional candidate and Maryland Del. Kathy Afzali (R., Frederick 4-A)


The so-called "queen of petition drives" and "Christian candidate" made an unprecedented dirty political move against Maryland Sen. David Brinkley (R. Frederick/Carroll) on Palm Sunday that was anything but Christian.


In a lapse of all morals, ethics and good judgment, Delegate Afzali decided it would be acceptable to further perpetuate a below-the-belt dirt bag political move from the Roscoe Bartlett camp and possibly GOP Chairman Alex Mooney. The original email was bad enough, but to act like a parrot and send it out to an even wider distribution list is disgusting.


When a candidate thinks it is tolerable to bring up a very personal matter from the past that has no bearing on the official’s ability to lead, it illustrates the very reason why so many people are discussed by the political process – and stay away from the polls.


Delegate Afzali showed her true colors as constituents started contacting her about the email and their distaste for it. She assumed no responsibility and simply said “I just forwarded the email.” Hours later a “mea culpa” email came only after she became fearful of losing votes. Please don’t be fooled. She is not sorry; she does not understand why this is wrong, and she will err like this again.


It is quite possible we will see this same type of behavior when she runs for a Maryland Senate seat. Some speculate that her congressional campaign was only for name recognition and exposure for a state senate run in the future.


In her “apology” email, she talked about being a mother and her concern for her own daughters. Perhaps she should remember the Brinkley children, too. And what about victims of domestic violence? Will they think twice before calling 911 in fear that their private information will be shared publicly?


Delegate Afzali is the absolute worst kind of politician. She is in it only for her own personal gain. She does not care about serving the people. After only serving one year as a state delegate, she determined that campaigning was more important, missing more than 100 votes in the current General Assembly session. She is not doing her elected job and the voters of District 4-A should be appalled and demand better representation.


At a minimum, Ms. Afzali should make a public apology to Senator Brinkley and his family. Since she has probably damaged her working relationship with so many members of the Frederick County delegation, it wouldn’t be a bad idea if she resigned as delegate.


Besides, it seems she is too busy campaigning to do her job anyway.


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