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March 29, 2012

“As the World Turns”

Patricia A. Kelly

Throughout the Republican presidential campaign, repeated assertions from Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum have been that Mitt Romney has an advantage over them because he has an organized and well-funded campaign.


Does that mean he is a fat eunuch sitting on a satin pillow, or that he has done a good job of both organizing things and raising money?


Repeatedly and regularly the press reports that Republicans aren’t enthusiastic about the former Massachusetts governor, that he is a reluctant choice from a less than stellar field of candidates. Is this a way to diminish his chances in the general election? Are even Republicans too dumb to get behind the winning guy?


In truth, no one is ever perfect. Former Speaker Gingrich, though intelligent, knowledgeable and accomplished, has personality issues, along with significant tarnish on both his personal and political record. He may have found redemption, and hopefully so, but a past that included both personal and public displays of a lack of integrity definitely haunt him.


Rick Santorum may be a good guy but is extreme in his thinking. His chances of bringing the whole country together must be limited by his ideology.


Mitt Romney is winning in the primaries, so far; and, although one might find him dull in a world of belly button rings and lap dancing, he’s led a successful life. He made a lot of money doing legitimate work. He created a lasting marriage. He raised his own children, and stayed in their lives. It may be duller than tattooing a Celtic knot around his biceps and having sex with his secretary, but he has actually lived the old fashioned American dream.


Some of us really like Governor Romney and want him to be president. We’re even excited about him. After all, a Catholic and a person of color have been president, so why not a Mormon with a quiet grin? He’s shown no sign of foisting his personal beliefs upon the rest of us, and that’s how it’s supposed to be in America.


On another subject, the Supreme Court heard arguments this week on the constitutionality of the requirement that everyone be required to purchase health insurance the logical, unthinkable alternative would be to require cash payment for health services for the uninsured. Then there would be no issue. We just can’t bring ourselves to do it.


A federally controlled healthcare system is just another step in the direction of federal control of people’s lives. We’ve been moving in that direction for so long that people have lost awareness of the concept of individual choice and acceptance of consequences. A lot of us are too young to even remember it.


We expect a safety net, and people like President Barack Obama want it, along with federal control, to grow. Maybe, growing up as a person of color and noticing as a child that even his own mother and grandmother considered black men a threat (on to Sanford, Florida, in just a moment), gave him the view that you couldn’t trust people to do the right thing, and that only the government could.


If that’s the secret to his growing-the-government mentality, you can hardly blame him, given our historical treatment of black men.


If, on the other hand, he is interested in one world government, you can blame him. It’s not us. Our integrity as a society and a country is something to preserve, forever, if we can.


Now, on to Sanford, Florida, and the individual event that has become a national issue. Yes, let’s change the culture, so violence and black males are no longer linked, either in our thoughts or in reality. Let’s not decide, based on an incident that has not been fully investigated, to end gun ownership, or the right to self defense in our society. Let’s, for once, find out what happened, and deal with it, calmly and reasonably.


It’s been quite a week here in the United States. An awesome, accomplished man, Mitt Romney, may be the Republican presidential nominee, and, if elected, may help get our country back to solvency. We have a chance to look at regulations vs. personal responsibility as our Constitution is reviewed again by the Supreme Court. A young black man, with all of his possibilities, has died, and the man who killed him, in self defense or not, has had his life disrupted, largely by the media. A big election is coming, and, with it, another chance to chart our course.


Such are things “As the World Turns.”


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