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May 27, 2003

Where Would We Be Without Public TV?

David 'Kip' Koontz

This weekend I decided to check out what programs were on television that might be in some way, "Memorial Day" themed.

The usual faire was on, sitcoms, re-runs of sitcoms, a variety of movies about death, destruction and so on.

Seems that with all the channels available you would find something other than the film, "Tora, Tora, Tora," (does "war-themed" count?) that would in some way recognize that there is a day in which we remember the service and sacrifice so many have given our country.

In one final sweep of the offerings Sunday evening, there it was - an actual all out, honest to goodness Memorial Day salute!

There were tributes, patriotic songs and remembrances - on the national mall in front of the Capitol no less!

Homage was paid to those serving, those who have served and those who lost their lives in service.

Recognition was given to the families of those serving, those who have served and those who lost their lives in service.

Tears were shed and heartfelt stories told.

Especially poignant were those of two mothers whose sons were lost in Vietnam who went to the places where their sons died and paid tribute to them there. We saw pictures of it while letters to the mothers from the sons who died were read.

The great irony in a way, however, is that this program was not carried on any of your "mainline" television networks.

It was not carried on any of those stations where many Republicans would tell you espouse their variety of "family values."


It was on that "evil, liberal, and sinful" - you get the picture - public television!

That's right folks - the network that many of our flag waving, "God-fearing", "All-American," "patriotic," Republican brothers and sisters damn for the line-up of programs it broadcasts.

The network these folks want to cut the funding for because of the type of programming it shows.

Maybe next time, however, these sanctimonious purveyors of morality and "all that is right," get on their high-horses and decry the liberal filth that public television promotes, they will realize that without public television, the Memorial Day remembrance of 2003 would not have been broadcast, across the country for liberals like me to watch.

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