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As Long as We Remember...

March 19, 2012

The Subjugation of the American Male

Steven R. Berryman

In 1972 liberal forces in America concluded a masterstroke of legislation known as Title IX, and the liberation of women became defined as the subjugation of men. The math is inescapable.


In a zero-sum world, when one gender is pushed up, the other necessarily goes down.


Flash forward to today, and you will see the long term impact on our nation; what should be a presidential campaign season – dominated by the president’s record and a focus on the economic outcome of four years of Barack Obama - has been replaced by consideration of the financial rights of women to free contraception…


…even in the face of organized religion’s complaint!


Think that’s a fluke and women’s issues do not permeate our society? Even illegal-immigration has been infiltrated by the Violence Against Woman Act (or VAWA), in that an accusation by an undocumented woman against a husband will automatically generate a visa status keeping her safely in our country. This, ostensibly, is to enable the due process of a modern American society ready to protect even the non-citizen as the “fair sex.”


Is the above scenario ripe with benefits for social service as an industry, and to immigration lawyers as a practice? You bet. Follow the money trail.


Is there now a cottage industry in sham weddings – many times completed by concocted abuse allegations – that earns millions for participants and bolsters our population? Is there a willingly complicit media that won’t deal with this topic for fear of retaliation? You bet; and the willingly provided cover by compliant and self-censoring media follows the line of money in the calculus.


So, are we saying that a donation to some women’s political action groups may result in protection of illegals? Yep!


But examine Title IX even superficially, and know that what was intended as gender equality – to be fully enjoyed by women – contained affirmative action elements that would only succeed in an environment of winners and losers to the basis of the law: A “more equal” female must surely result in a “less equal” male.


In the case of the male and female tie in fair competition, the tie goes to the woman.


Back to the topic of “violence against women,” current laws are constructed to give the female in a violent incident an edge truly monumental. A protective order is always granted her even in the case of simply an unproven accusation without witness or injury mark to any female seeking sanctuary.


Just the accusation and the always sanctioned protective order results in the male being denied access with no notice to his own home until a hearing date that may be five weeks down the road.


Additionally, it is easy to catalog the fact that our social-justice bureaucracy is overwhelmingly populated by women, many of whom are heavily biased to their own cause.


Don’t get me wrong. There really is an epidemic of spousal violence that requires protection, especially in our era of economically (money) related feuds within marriages that are becoming zero tolerance, zero sum, and winner take all games. But it cuts both ways, and abused men are now common as well.


Bizarrely, media portrayal of the American male, especially the non-minority variety, in Hollywood and television has made it politically correct to portray him as the dim sexist buffoon and butt of jokes. Reverse the roles to female, and threats of advertising cuts surely would ensue!


The traditional male value as protector and provider, hunter and leader have been replaced by a modern woman who – in many cases – wants to enjoy all of the benefits typically awarded by society for a male’s role, and they still insist on also retaining all pleasures bestowed on what we had once termed “the fair sex.”


The well-accepted, diminished and emasculated male of this age is being manipulated into a female-acceptable form that is termed a “mangina” in the popular lore. He is reliably lower in muscle and testosterone both. The programming and conditioning language assures a fairer-man, as opposed to what had been admiringly a “masculine man” in the past.


They forget that this club also includes exclusive right to be conscripted off to wars for the honor of potentially dying for ones country!


Today, in the final analysis, women’s push groups eclipse any semblance of protection groups for men. Women out-populate men in the world by an ever stretching margin. More and more, the wealth of the world is controlled and concentrated by the fair sex.


Advertising and purchasing power is ever-concentrated on the female as well, consolidating an ability to dominate men. (Check the exclusive money spent on cosmetics, fashion, jewelry, and feminine attire alone!)


Where do we go from here?


Our current environment, with relative prosperity and safety, as compared to ages long gone, has engendered a period where the interdependence of men and woman as being needfully reliant upon each other is vastly reduced.


And mainly for what are ultimately financial reasons, the impact begun by Title IX marches on strongly today, and for reasons of control, the battle of the sexes rages on, but under new flags.


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