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March 13, 2012

Citizens Say Maryland Declining

Farrell Keough

The new Citizen Opinion survey on the State of the Government from We The People of Maryland is devastating. The results from the almost 2,500 responses show a powerful trend indicating the O’Malley Administration is moving in the wrong direction.


Three major areas arise from this survey: loss of personal liberties and rights, excessive spending by the state, and no new tax schemes to cover this excessive spending.


For instance:


·        94% percent of respondents do not believe the governor is doing enough to reduce spending.

·        94% percent of respondents are against any new taxes for Maryland residents.

·        82% of respondents are concerned that the economy will get worse in Maryland and across the country in the next 12 months.


As has been noted by others, ‘Maryland does not have a revenue problem, Maryland has a spending problem’. These dramatic results present exactly that scenario – and the public is acutely aware of the problem. Maryland citizens have seen consistent increases in taxation for years and desire their elected representatives to focus on making cuts – the same things they do in their own household budgets.


Some of the cuts desired are as follows:


·        92% of respondents are in favor of the abolition of the Maryland estate tax.

·        85% of respondents do not believe the governor has done enough to identify and eliminate duplication of services throughout state departments.

·        84% of respondents are in favor of changing and/or offering alternatives to the state’s current pension system as a way to reduce current and future spending obligations.

·        Over 80% of respondents are in favor of changing Maryland’s entitlement programs in order to cut government spending and to help reduce our debt.


Between replication and entitlement pay, the preponderance of respondents realizes Maryland can no longer afford the luxurious payments it has offered. The public has had to make tremendous changes to their own lifestyles and believe it is time that our elected representatives do the same and make the hard decisions. As the public realizes these various programs and offerings are not sustainable, their desire is for their elected representatives to begin the process of making these necessary cuts.


Respondents were asked what issues they consider to be crucial for the future of Maryland. In order of importance, respondents answered:


1.      Reducing government spending;

2.      Job creation;

3.      Eliminating burdensome regulations;

4.      Tax cuts; and

5.      Encouraging small business growth


It cannot be reiterated enough, the public grasps that ‘Maryland does not have a revenue problem, Maryland has a spending problem’. Spending is the number one issue the citizenry sees facing Maryland. Until necessary cuts are made, Maryland cannot and will not progress in our economic growth, stability, and vibrancy.


Following this, actions two through five above speak directly to business growth. Maryland is so heavily burdensome on small, medium, and large business that many have left the state rather than continue to deal with these ever-growing taxes and regulations. The public realizes the only viable way for Maryland to turn its economy around is to leverage the private sector – that can only occur when the government reduces the myriad restrictions placed on business.


The final areas of interest by respondents to the survey were as follows:


        96% plan to vote against the passage of The Dream Act during the 2012 presidential election in November.

        92% are worried that PlanMaryland will have a negative impact on their property rights.

        79% are in favor of Maryland becoming a “right to carry” concealed weapons state.


These proposals directly affect both the liberties of and future generations of Maryland citizens. Maryland is considered a Sanctuary State for illegal immigrants. The Dream Act will allow subsidized college education for the children of illegals. Since there are only so many slots for our colleges and universities, allowing those opening to be taken by people who are in this country illegally will harm the potential livelihood of Maryland children.


The general public is fully aware that the agenda behind PlanMaryland will directly affect both their property rights as well any future economic recovery in Maryland. This top-down plan will allow state bureaucrats to determine local zoning and planning – in short, usurping local knowledge and authority of citizen property rights.


While we have remarkable law enforcement organizations in Maryland, personal protection is not only a declared right in our nation’s Constitution, but a necessary action by a well-educated citizenry. Unlike so many other states, Maryland has some of the most restrictive laws placed on our Second Amendment Rights. A majority of the public desires this to be changed, allowing our Constitutional rights to be enjoyed by all law abiding citizens.


Overall, the opinions by Maryland citizens indicate the state is moving in the wrong direction. The citizens of Maryland desire a change in the direction the state is pursuing to one which allows for personal freedoms, legitimate property rights, and a regulatory system that promotes and encourages job creation.


Unless and until meaningful changes in these directions take place, a significant portion of the public realizes this state will continue on a downward spiral.


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