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March 7, 2012

The kerfuffle was no fluke

Kevin E. Dayhoff

Rush Limbaugh and conservatives could not have looked more like total and complete idiots in the recent national discussions over the private lives of individual Americans than if the liberal media and Democrats had written the script for this Kabuki circular firing squad.


Mr. Limbaugh’s utterly stupid attack on Sandra Fluke, whom Caroline May described in the Daily Caller last Saturday as “the beleaguered third-year Georgetown University Law Center student,” crossed the line for any fair-minded American whether one supports or vehemently disagrees with her views or her lifestyle.


Don Surber explained it well on Saturday when he called on Mr. Limbaugh to apologize. “What happened was simple: He tried to use a lefty way to counter what a lefty did. He tried to demonize her like the left did with Sarah Palin but he could not get away with that …”


So far in the presidential election of 2012 the only debate among historians is just which national election in history has the opposition party collectively conducted a more inept campaign to unseat a sitting president?


Abstractly, throw rice at any of the thousands of city councils throughout the nation and pick any novice conservative, and he or she should be able to defeat a sitting president with gas prices on the rise, an economic malaise of historic proportions, and a steady unemployment rate at 8.5 percent.


Such is not the case for the Republican Party in 2012.


At this point one of the many questions for Americans to ponder is how will the nation survive another four years of the economic policies of President Barack Obama? Worse yet, how will the Republican Party survive the election of 2012?


Increasingly, it is looking like the only way the Republican Party will return as a viable and credible alternative voice to the entitlement society oriented, tax and spend, income-redistribution, social welfare Democrats, is that it first must completely destroy itself.


The idea that the Republican Party is on a great march, en masse, off a cliff, is starting to be discussed in hushed tones that is only growing louder as November approaches.


Apparently I am not the only political observer to ponder such matters. Nor am I the only person to have the temerity to actually put it in print. Washington Post writer Chris Cillizza wrote at length on Monday, “2012: The Republican Party’s Gotham election.”


“That idea – that the only way to truly rebuild something is for it first bottom out – is one that some within the Republican party have begun to toy with privately as the divisions between its tea party wing and the more establishment/moderate side of the party become more and more apparent.”


The only criterion for the Republican nominee for the presidential election of November 2012 is whether or not he or she has a chance at beating President Obama at the polls.


Please do not waste anyone’s time over whether or not the media treatment of Mr. Limbaugh utterly stupid attack on Ms. Fluke was fair or unfair.


Of course, it is not fair to suggest that Mr. Limbaugh speaks for rank and file Republicans any more than it is fair to suggest that the crude and vulgar attacks on former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin by Bill Maher are representative of run-of-the-mill Democrats.


The only difference is that the comments from the likes of Mr. Maher, Ed Shultz, Mike Malloy, or Keith Olbermann will be dutifully ignored by the liberal media.


L. Brent Bozell III, nailed it Monday in a hard-hitting commentary published on, “The rush to censor Limbaugh.”


His column is absolutely cringe-worthy to read, but nevertheless Mr. Bozell correctly identified the crux of why the current malaise of the Republicans is a self-inflicted wound. “Because it has little to do with (Mr. Limbaugh’s) words. This is all about disingenuous politics. Liberals want this government-mandate controversy to be not about religious liberty, which is devastating, but about contraceptives, which works in their favor…”


Please understand that Mr. Limbaugh was set-up and out-foxed by a 30-year-old college student. Mr. Limbaugh ought to be ashamed of himself, not just for his offensive comments, but also for falling for such a cheap and sophomoric political trick.


However, this is not to take anything away from the masterful manner in which the Democrats turned this phase of the 2012 election campaign around on a dime.


First of all, as Ms. May explained quite well in the Daily Caller, Ms. Fluke “is no novice in the political arena…”


The current kerfuffle was no fluke. At such a critical time in our nation’s history, as said in an Associated Press article carried by the Washington Post on Monday: “On the eve of key Super Tuesday contests, (Republicans) find themselves … embarrassed by conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh and tripped up by subjects bearing little relation to the day-to-day concerns of Americans. All the while, President Barack Obama’s ratings are climbing.


“There’s still a long way ahead, for sure, but this isn’t how GOP leaders had pictured things. Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment about saying no evil about a fellow Republican is in shreds in what’s become a scorched-earth primary contest.”


Many Republicans are not only embarrassed by this latest paper cut in shark-infested waters, they are embarrassed by a political primary conducted with the precision and acumen of a Middle School election for class president and the remains of the party are sinking lower than whale plop.


I stand in good company with columnist George Will and especially Peggy Noonan who recently observed, “… the Republican nominee will emerge so bloodied his victory will hardly be worth having; the Republicans are delving into areas so extreme and so off point that by the end Mr. Obama will look like the moderate.”


This is nuts…


. . . . .I’m just saying…


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