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March 6, 2012

Vicious Political Tricks

Roy Meachum

Age has little to do with it. I see political rhetoric running in the gutter. When it comes to party, it’s bipartisan. Three matters are on my mind.


The nation’s bells did not peal. A band of archangels failed to appear on the borders. You’re permitted to doubt, after pasting a student as a “slut” and “prostitute,” Rush Limbaugh did not apologize. But he did, more or less. For “The Rush,” it was a first.


Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke was already in trouble with the Roman Catholic Church for advocating a woman’s body belongs to the woman. I went through this almost 50 years ago over moral theologian Charles Curran – before “Humanae Vitae” encyclical spelled out what Catholics must believe about human sexuality. The papal paper from Paul VI was also called the birth control encyclical, which most church members ignore.


More Italian than Benedict XVI, the GOP’s right wing decided it would be an issue in November’s presidential election. In that context, Ms. Fluke was called those nasty names last week. On Saturday Mr. Limbaugh almost reversed his position, but not completely. Reportedly under pressure from his advertisers, the biggest talking head around didn’t go so far as to make an apology. His conservative colleagues protested he did: their motive transparently was to get the woman’s vote.


House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner (R., OH) made throat-clearing noises in the right direction. It’s still an “iffy” proposition. Radical Republicans claim they are the soul of the party; disagreeing, GOP Sen. Olympia Snowe declared she would not run for re-election, thus endangering a “safe seat.”


Former Pennsylvania Republican Sen. Rick Santorum is flatly guilty of endangering young Americans’ lives. The presidential candidate took the incumbent to task for apologizing to the Afghan government for burning the Qurans; U.S. officers and soldiers had already been murdered. The Army set up an investigation to determine the specific dumbass guilty of such stupidity. What would Mr. Santorum want the White House to do? The war continues, despite the political hurly-burly.


At any rate the ex-senator is currently under fire from competitors, specifically, because on his $900,000 annual income he doesn’t do enough to support good works and charities. They claim they give around 14 percent; Rick Santorum throws in something approaching two percent, they say.


The first two items can be labeled Republican. While I was thinking about this column, I received another, expensive, full-color brochure from “Garagiola for Congress.” My Friday column was triggered by another no-less expensive piece from the same office. I wrote Germantown’s Rob Garagiola “became Senate majority leader only last year – with, of course, President Miller’s connivance… he’s not in the district as I write.”


The latest brochure attacks rival John Delaney viciously, claiming he “has made a bundle lending money at high rates to small businesses.” It comes in the form of a Forbes magazine cover, dated 5/22/06. That was before the worst recession in history settled in, two years before Wall Street tumbled to a low; it’s only now recovering.


I have no swooning love for Mr. Delaney who lives in Potomac – although he promises a move to Frederick. He still has the metro mentality that I find so offensive in the Western Maryland office on Capitol Hill. His great virtue was that he was not designated by the Democratic machine that controls Maryland, and cost Kathleen Kennedy Townsend a gubernatorial race. The Good Ol’ Boys didn’t trust her because they had no control over Ms. Townsend. That year my mistrust of the GOB syndicate came roaring to life. As a registered Democrat in the April primary, I must vote for John Delaney. The general election, whatever?


As you understand, I regard current politics with an old-fashioned clothes clipper firmly fixed on my nasal passages.


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