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February 23, 2012

Citizens – Look Out. They’re After You

Joan Marie Aquilino

What a whirlwind Annapolis is, nothing unusual for this time of year; but, never the less, it always surprises me that the more I learn the less I know.


I’m so naïve in so many of the ways of politics and I truly hope that never changes. I don’t want to become what I see down there in so many elected officials who can be bought, bribed, threaten and – ultimately – do what is best for them and them alone.


This week saw the passage of same sex marriage bill out of the House of Delegates. It now rests in the Senate’s hands for full passage or not. How that will turn out is anyone's guess because – until the vote is taken – they will be literally whipped to submission.


I’d always heard the term Whipping or Whip when it came to the abundance of government terms, and I never quite understood its meaning and why it was used. I do NOW!


It is disgusting to say the least. People were tracked like the police would track a murder or thief. They were hounded, literally hounded, and threatened for votes. We’ll do this for you if you vote this way, if you don’t vote this way we’ll do this TO you. I witnessed firsthand how Del. Patrick Hogan (R., Frederick) was treated when he took his time to consider all sides and come up with what he truly thought was the correct vote for him and his district.


I’m in awe of the officials who stood their ground and voted with their conscience, no matter the side they chose.


Those who had black marks on them, I suspect, will see some, if not all of them, disappear if they voted the way the majority wanted. Those who voted against their constituents at large will most likely see new jobs arrive at their doorsteps because their voters will not return them to office. Those who stood their ground for the minority side will most likely see the wrath of the majority and Gov. Martin O’Malley come down upon them.


I’m not even making a judgment on the bill. I’m talking strictly about the process. This almighty bullying process is beginning anew and it will center on many subject bills coming before both the House and Senate.


We will see Wind Power being shoved down the throat of the Economic Matters Committee starting today. It’s all about wind and what Governor O’Malley wants.


It doesn’t matter that questions asked about “Why Wind” aren’t being answered. It doesn’t matter that the cost is so over-the-top that the taxpayers will feel the burden for years and generations to come. It doesn’t matter that the private sector doesn’t see it as viable and is not willing to put their money into it.


All that matters is that the administration wants it and will bully anyone who dares to get in its way.


If Wind Power is this all-being-all-saving wonderful source of energy, why won’t the private sector do it on their own instead of the government having to fund it on our backs? Big deal if it goes bust, it’s just the taxpayers’ money and there is more of that where this came from. Isn’t that the answer?


There’s more, lots more. We’ve got the almighty Department of Labor Licensing and Regulations refusing to budge when it comes to regulations that are so onerous that a small business owner will shut down or not even open their doors for fear of what wrath they will bring upon him.


Not only are the regulations so restricting that no one can meet them, the letters telling you they are coming take on a Mafia flavor. They’ve been asked to soften the language. Legislators have been told “yes,” no problem. Yet it’s still not done, months later.


It’s enough to scare you into bending to their will rather than standing up and fighting them. An average business owner doesn’t have the resources financially or otherwise to wage the type of war that is necessary to even have their voice heard. Thankfully, the legislators are seeing this for what it is and calling them to the table to explain and fix (I hope and pray) the process.


Hunters beware; they are coming after you, too. Nothing is safe. If it moves, breaths, walks, talks, growls – or for farmers when it comes to dying - you are going to be taxed, fined, led to the poor house. Just because fees haven’t been raised in a few years does not give justification for a doubling, tripling or even higher increase now.


The lame lines are given that we need it to support X, Y & Z. Well, if they hadn’t wasted all the money we’d been giving them for years, then X, Y & Z would have already been taken care of, and we wouldn’t be taken to the cleaners now.


Business owner, I know you don’t want to be the target of the Wrath of Government, but if we don’t stand up now, we’ll be buried shortly. Please go to this website and search through it. Write me if you need help, I’ll do all I can to guide you, but we are in the worse shape we’ve ever been financially and there is no end in sight. Maryland Government.


. . . . .'til next time . . .


As always, I’d love to hear from you; so, let me know what’s on your mind by emailing, or contacting me directly


“Just Joan” saying be safe and “don’t believe everything you think.”



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