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February 14, 2012

Two Out of Three IS Bad

Farrell Keough

Three candidates of interest are running for the Maryland 6th District: Congressman Roscoe Bartlett, State Del. Kathy Afzali, and State Sen. David Brinkley. Two of these candidates are running on platforms describing themselves as Constitutional Conservatives, while the third is actually running on his own record.


Senator Brinkley has a lifetime in Frederick County as a father, farmer raising horses, a business owner in the financial field, volunteer firefighter and EMT, and a public servant. As a fiscal conservative, he was able to bring both Democrats and Republicans together during the 2009 General Assembly session with a viable alternative to the governor’s budget. His history as a level-headed conservative precedes him throughout Annapolis.


While both Congressman Bartlett and Delegate Afzali are upstanding people, neither of them seems capable of running on their own record in politics. Dr. Bartlett seems to have re-invented himself as some sort of T.E.A. Party conservative, and Ms. Afzali is a freshman delegate with only one year under her belt before seeking higher office.


MS. Afzali is able to speak well in sound bites, yet the depth of understanding the issues and consequences of proposals is sorely missing. One of her claims to fame was calling herself a “bitch”, not only once, but twice! In fact, in her second Frederick News-Post column on the subject, she declares that if she does not get her way, she will become even more of a “bitch.” Is this the quality we want in our elected leadership?


More recently, Ms. Afzali has been under an ethics review for sending campaign emails from her Maryland State computer. While this may only garner a slap on the wrist, these kinds of actions show a lack of thoroughness and at the federal congressional level, this could pose serious consequence.


After almost 20 years in Congress, Dr. Bartlett has little to show in way of influence or accomplishment. Voting for the Continuing Appropriations Act of 2012, he allowed our excessive government spending to continue – an attempt to keep the Republican’s looking good to the press than actually representing the American people.


But the most important issue is energy! Dr. Bartlett is an adherent to the concept of Peak Oil – a hypothesis in which the world’s petroleum reserves have almost completely been used. We are constantly finding new reserves; hence this idea has very limited merit. But, even if one held to this idea, it is the solution proffered by Dr. Bartlett that is most worrisome.


While speaking with Congressman Bartlett on WFMD, he noted that he would be in favor of adding additional taxes to petroleum and having the government use those tax dollars to develop new alterative energies. After I noted that this was not a purview of government, but rather a development that should take place in the market place, Dr. Bartlett was adamant that this was a role of government. People, energy is the lifeblood of our nation and economy! The government has a horrific history of choosing winners and losers in the market – especially those of “green energy!” And yet, Dr. Bartlett continues to promote this approach.


Now is the time for a wise change in our choice for Maryland’s 6th District seat in the House of Representatives. With this newly drawn district, Republicans could actually lose this elected representative – we cannot let that happen. David Brinkley is the wisest choice for this position. But don’t take my word; consider just a smattering of the other endorsements Senator Brinkley has received.


·        Hon. Audrey Scott – Immediate Past Chairman, Maryland Republican Party;


·        Sen. Chris Shank – Washington County [a close friend and ally of former Senator Alex Mooney];


·        Sen. Joe Getty – Carroll & Baltimore counties;


·        Sen. EJ Pipkin (Minority Leader) – Cecil, Kent, Caroline, Queen Anne’s counties;


·        Del. Kelly Schulz – Frederick County;


·        Del. Don Elliott – Frederick & Carroll counties;


·        Delegate Justin Ready – Carroll County;


·        Del. George Edwards – Allegheny and Garrett counties;


·        Former Del. Rick Weldon – Frederick & Washington counties;


·        Hon. Mark Uncapher – chairman, Republican Central Committee – Montgomery County; and


·        Hon. Jeanette Radford – member, Republican Central Committee – Montgomery County.


You will find many more Endorsements and a plethora of information on Issues, History, and News on Senator Brinkley’s website. This presidential election is our time to make real change and embrace conservatism – don’t let this slip away during the primary season by allowing the same old disappointments to return.


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