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February 6, 2012

Sick and Tired of Politics

Cindy A. Rose

When former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney made the unrehearsed comment that he wasn’t worried about the poor, did anyone really think that’s exactly what he meant?


I didn’t see the entirety of the news blurb, but I “assumed” he meant they have a lot of mechanisms in place to assist them. When you reach a certain income level you are considered too wealthy to get assistance, yet often they can’t afford a trip to the dentist. Does anyone really not believe that’s what he meant?


I’m not trying to defend him, in all honesty I won’t vote for him unless he and President Barack Obama are my only choices. I’m tired of the hypersensitive, politically correct nit-wits who think everything the opposing side says is somehow a personal attack on a person, group or adversary. They certainly go above and beyond all that and it is reasonable to make it appear that way.


I didn’t see this many vultures flock to the airwaves when President Obama said he wanted to redistribute wealth from the successful to the not-so-successful (Joe the Plumber).


I’m tired of former House of Representatives Speaker Newt Gingrich and the media elites using this as an opportunity to swoop like crows to a rotting carcass on the highway, attempting to pick it clean before the next opportunity, or semi comes along. It’s no wonder the average American doesn’t want to get involved in politics.


I like politics, no, let me re-state, I like knowing political things. I do not like the game of politics. Aside from the ugliness, it wastes millions of dollars because – in the end – we always get the party-picked guy.


I can live without the contortionist media twisting everything into the most negative definition until the comment is as far removed from the intention as it could possibly get.


Again, I’m not a Romney fan. I really don’t have a candidate I actually like in this race. I’ll vote for whoever the winner is come November. As a citizen of Maryland I’ve come to grips with the reality that the primary candidate will already be chosen by the time I actually get to cast a primary vote. That’s what happens when the media and the political “parties” get to decide who they want for president.


I would like to see campaign finance reform that stipulates no candidate may spend more than ”X” amount of dollars on a campaign. I’d even go so far as to say each has “X” amount to spend, each candidate having the same amount of money. Political PAC money will be counted in that set amount. Only weasels use PACs and then claim they weren’t involved, as if anyone in America believes this.


I’m tired of the game of who will be the next millionaire to become president of the United States. I’ve yet to vote for a candidate I felt knew what it was like to be an average American. Have any of them in the recent past had a clue what it’s like to feel the pain of paying tax after tax, worry over a job, worry about educating their children, the cost of groceries, paying utility bills, buying any kind of insurance, not just health insurance, etc.? I think not.


Rick Santorum is probably the closest to your average guy as a candidate can get, but I find him to whiny. I don’t want a whiny president.


What I’d like to see is someone who is unwilling to play the game of politics and run as a man/woman on their own merits and not get eviscerated while the public gets manipulated into believing Candidate A is the only “electable” candidate in the field.


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