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As Long as We Remember...

January 18, 2012

All Mixed Up

Norman M. Covert

I am tho’ confuthed! I find myself burned up that the gaggle of Republican presidential candidates never misses an opportunity at self-immolation. I’m slipping over the edge now with the dual dilemma of new Sixth Congressional District boundaries and sibling rivalry among our GOP inhabitants.


Furtherer, I recently mulled whether to renew my subscription to “The Daily Blather.”


The decision to renew “The Daily Blather” becomes a moot point. The six-day pub has morphed into a journalism school study group candidate. Among its selling points:


·        We have the legacy of former Sports Editor Stan Goldberg, who understood that in-depth coverage of youth sports sells newspapers;


·        But most of all there is “Big Nate” in the comics. He is optimistic and “sucking up” to the teacher this week – I’m the one headed for detention, I guess. I am amused how Big Nate copes with his father, a raging “Greenie” liberal who hands out Tofu cakes on Hallowe’en.


I’ll take another three months, hopeful of improved and timely local and national reportage. Wouldn’t that be something?


Yesterday we had more post mortem on the South Carolina Republican presidential candidate debates. It isn’t pretty, except that mainline GOP favorite son Mitt Romney didn’t have his flak jacket adjusted. Our Good Ole’ Boy Newt Gingrich took it to his colleagues and Juan Williams – probably too little, too late.


Rep. Ron Paul continues to be a buffoon, especially after “sharing” his naïve “Golden Rule” foreign policy thinking. His impressive curriculum vite belies his “uncommon sense.” His spots are mirrored from his 2008 candidacy, yet he is organized and has an active legion of supporters. Isn’t he still a “9/11 Truther?”


Turning the other cheek, as Dr. Paul suggests, should not mean we have to be stupid and, yes, repeat the lessons of the past. Conjure, if you, will the image of him, like Big Nate, in full “suck up” mode, standing at the mike wearing Yasser Arafat’s kaffiya, Fidel Castro’s signature olive drab fatigues, or Osama bin-Laden’s flowing robes (minus the AK-47 assault rifle).


Any predictions of success with a turn-the-other-cheek foreign policy are bashed considering our failures. So far, President Barack Obama’s foreign policy batting average is way below the Mendoza Line (that’s .100 in baseball). Score him a two-base hit with the bin-Laden assassination. Consider his dealings with Mahmud Amadinejab of Iran (“Nukes? Me?”); the leaders in Pakistan (“bin-Laden was where?”); and Afghanistan; plus his love affair with Palestinian terrorists.


President Obama’s cheer-leading in Libya and Egypt may bring Sharia-led governments from the “Democratic” uprisings. Life could get more difficult than it was under Hosni Mubarak in Egypt or Moammar Gadhafi in Libya. They may get what was on Santa Claus’ list.


It appears that President Obama can win re-election by hanging out at Michelle’s vegetable garden at the White House. The GOP standard bearer’s wake and funeral service will be in November.


That circular firing squad formation seems to be in the GOP field manual. What is more confusing than to not be told that Rep.  Roscoe G. Bartlett (Rep-6th) is not retiring. Inaction on the re-election front last year seemed a clear signal that the 85-year-old tenured legislator was ready to retire to Buckeystown. He would share former Rep. Beverly B. Byron’s status as Congressman Emeritus.


Observers thought his filing June, 30, 2011, for re-election was a pro forma action and covered his bases.


Retirement, however, seemed ever so likely for Dr. Bartlett. Insiders ran with reports that Dr. Bartlett’s former chief of staff Bud Otis had put out feelers on his possible candidacy. This resulted in a late-November putsch in the congressman’s office. Mr. Otis resigned and look-at-me signals emanated from former District 3 Sen. Alex X. Mooney and State Sen. David Brinkley (R., Frederick/Carroll), both viable challengers for the seat.


No one beats Senator Mooney locally at the fund-raising game, but statewide GOP support for Senator Brinkley grew exponentially. Both reported sitting down with Dr. Bartlett, who made it clear in late December that his crystal ball seemed focused on a run for an 11th term. Senator Mooney announced his non-candidacy and support for Dr. Bartlett two weeks ago.


Senator Brinkley filed to run January 5, 2012. He met with Dr. Bartlett to explain his rationale for pursuing the seat. All indications of Dr. Bartlett’s probable retirement, he said, led to forming an exploratory committee, not in disregard for the congressman’s distinguished service.


He expressed his respect for Dr. Bartlett, saying this is a good time for Dr. Bartlett to step away and be mentor for Senator Brinkley. A former vice-chairman of the Frederick County Republican Central Committee, Senator Brinkley has been an advocate of the congressman.


Dr. Bartlett is highly regarded for his legislative record and constituency service. He could pick no better time to give up the seat. We have every reason to believe Senator Brinkley would be an odds-on favorite to capture votes in the new district boundaries.


We are unsettled, however, about a Brinkley vs. Bartlett scenario. No, as with all the foregoing, I am tho’ confuthed.



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