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April 14, 2003

Will The Liberal Anti-War Crowd Admit Being Wrong?

John P. Snyder

Anything is possible, I suppose, but the chances of anyone on the long list of antiwar lefties actually admitting that they were wrong remains unlikely.

The larger question hanging out there is, that, given all the information that was available to them, how could they be so very wrong?

Letís review.

In the run up to the actual invasion of Iraq, there was much handwringing by the usual suspects. Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi and Tom Daschle, among others, expressed skepticism of the plan to remove Saddam Hussein. They made outlandish predictions of thousands of American GIís killed. Civilian deaths could hit 50,000 to 100,000 easily. The Arab streets would rise up.

Terrorism would rise in the United States. Iraqis would oppose the U. S. invasion team and fight us to the death. George Bush was an evil warmongering cowboy who wanted to even the score with Saddam to impress his dad.

The Iraqi people would regard us as enemy invaders, not liberators.

Not even three weeks into the campaign, it appears over. Just over 100 soldiers have been lost, most to accidents and friendly fire. Even while Baghdad was being bombed, the electrical and water supply systems were never attacked by the coalition.

Once the populace was convinced that Saddam and his grizzly sons were no longer in control, the pent up emotions of an enslaved nation spilled out. As seen on TV, our soldiers were warmly greeted - not as invaders, but as liberators.

Any regrets or just plain mea culpas by the naysayers? None so far.

However, there has been plenty of whining and carping about looting and lawlessness in Iraq. And they still demand evidence of weapons of mass destruction. They have set themselves up once again, should they care. Order will be restored and when scientists get together, and, absent death threats should they cooperate, they will lead investigators to all the incriminating evidence they need.

All the linguini-spined Democrats, like Senators Barbara Mikulski and Paul Sarbanes, who "supported the troops, but not the war" might have some explaining to do.

It is clear, and will become tragically more clear, that Saddam Husseinís dictatorship was on par with Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. We have seen the prisons for children, the death squads and the abject poverty in a land with rich oil reserves all carried out by a brutal dictatorship.

Those who felt we could negotiate with Saddam were wrong. Those who thought the United Nations could handle this matter were kidding themselves. Those who believed Hans Blix and not President George W. Bush are dunces.

From Ted Kennedy to Howard Dean, from John Kerry to Nancy Pelosi, I would tell them all just one thing. "You knew and you did nothing but obstruct and give aid and comfort to a madman."


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