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December 26, 2011

The Death of Integrity?

Cindy A. Rose

I really have been disillusioned by the cavalier attitudes regarding Brad Young's broken promise to Donna Crook. Everyone keeps yammering on about how the position is no big deal, yet Brad seems determined to retain his presidency.


I even have emails from June criticizing Brad for saying being a member of the Board of Education was not a "job" and should not be "full-time," and that they were merely an "oversight" board. The more this issue flaps in the breeze, the more damage is done to the school's public image. He doesn't seem too concerned with that and that worries me as someone who keeps their eye on Frederick County Public Schools happenings.


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By the way_____a belated Merry Christmas!


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Cindy, who still believes a promise is a promise unless you've a corpse. (That would make a catchy title :-)


Yarr, betwixt, integrity. What do these three words have in common? We no longer know their meanings, nor how to use them. Those of us who do, are rare.


I never thought I’d live in a country where the importance of integrity became as inconsequential as sorting the laundry.


These past few weeks I’ve listened to people I hold in high regard speak of integrity as if discussing a bad “do” at the barber – or a disappointing movie. Thank you Anita Stup for being the only clarion voice still expecting and placing value on one’s word of honor.


Since I’m old school, I’m left to ponder the following and would like someone to fill me in on 21st Century protocol when faced with a broken agreement.


Do we all just pick up our Jacks and go home, kick our feet in the dust and accept it as “just the way it is?” Everyone does it!


How many promises does a person get to break before trust is weakened or destroyed? Is the bond breaker aware of this latitude? At what point is the relationship in jeopardy? Is one’s honor above reproach with the breaking of any number of promises? Is it okay if the promise was small in comparison to the realities around us?


From what other place is it possible to build a strong, meaningful, lasting relationship? I know of no other foundation other than trust.


Isn’t this what we teach our children? Have we reached the point in society where we can no longer “expect” when someone gives us their word they will honor it? Should we no longer be bothered with outrage?


At which point is breaking a promise acceptable? A day after, a month after, a year after? Is it okay when our friends break promises? Is it okay as long as it is to others and not us? Do we condone this as long as we are not the ones affected personally?


What if the promise was never intended to be honored the moment it was given? Is it really a promise?


Should we just accept that a promise given by a politician or acquaintance should not be relied upon?


Since when did it become appropriate to chastise someone like “Watchdog” Bill Ashton for demanding a promise be kept because he cares about such archaic things as honor and integrity?


Do we have a right to demand an appropriate explanation be given when a promise goes unfulfilled? In the absence of any evidence to the contrary, do we stand by the oath breaker while he casts aspersions on the person to whom the promise was made? Are we seen as the enemy, naive or childish when we side with the person to whom a promise was made?


Do we allow the yarr of misconception to stand betwixt integrity and dishonor?


Was I asleep when the world decided the appropriate response to breaking a promise was apathy?


At what number or magnitude of slight am I allowed to be angry: 1, 4, 10, more? Do I start by merely being disappointed and graduate to disillusioned, or are those going too far?


Is integrity yet another victim of the politically correct modern world or is there still time to revive it? Is the proffer of a promise no longer binding and sacred?


How do we affix and preserve our ethics if it is not secured by the badge of our integrity?


Is this all really much ado about nothing?


More importantly, at this point in time, if we can, how do we recover when the sacred bond of trust has been broken?


Let’s all raise a glass to the passing of Integrity. The world was a much better place when it was in it.


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