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December 1, 2011

From the Heart For A Child

Joan Marie Aquilino

As you read these words you’ll find yourself in the last few hours of Christmas Cash for Kids on WFMD 9:30AM. Tomorrow it’s all over and you can either be a part of a marvelous Frederick Tradition that reaches back 36 years…..or


… can pat yourself on you selfish, self-serving back for allowing a child in homes across Frederick County to wonder what they have done wrong for Santa not to visit them.


Yes, that was very harsh, but sometimes harsh is what is necessary to get you to pay attention. Most of my readers ‘get it;’ you know what to do and you know why you’re doing it. But there are those occasional ones who think they know it all and only read to find fault. All I can say is there is no fault with someone helping a child.


If you are the diehard ultra-conservative who demands less government, wants it out of your face, out of your wallet … well, here’s your opportunity to put your money where your mouth is and pull that wallet out and keep government out of it. You take care of it on your own. In this drive, one hundred percent – and then some – of your donation go directly to a child.


To the uber-environmental liberal who thinks there isn’t a dollar they couldn’t spend, well, it’s about time you started spending your money instead of everyone else’s. Get some of that liberal tax-n-spend money of your own, and actually, physically, financially and even emotionally do something for a change instead of just talking, posting, blogging and telling others what to do.


Harsh is over, now what it’s truly about is that smile – you know the one you can feel as well as see, the one that can never be duplicated, faked nor imitated. It’s that smile that starts slowly and literally erupts over the child’s entire face, making every fiber of their being beam. It’s that smile that is contagious in a way we can only hope for, that smile that ends up hurting your face because of muscles not used for way too long.


Please, I beg of you, give what you can and a little more so we can spread those types of smiles to every child in Frederick County. Give enough to actually feel it yourself. That is the best kind of charity.


For those that might not understand of what I speak, here is a description of what Frederick’s own does for their own. I wrote last year about Christmas Cash for Kids and its beginnings and its ultimate evolution.


“In 1975, a disc jockey working at radio station, WZYQ (Z-104), received a very distressing phone call from one of his listeners. There was a family in the Frederick area that would have no Christmas and they wanted to know if there was any way he could help. The DJ, with support from the station, stepped up to the plate and with his listeners raised nearly $1,500, enough to provide a Christmas, not only this family, but several others.


“On that Christmas Eve back in 1975 as “Santa” (the disc jockey) drove along a dirt road north of Frederick, he found a wooden shack. He knocked, thinking all the while this was a horrible place for a family to live. He would quickly find out it got worse.


“They didn’t live in the shack; they lived behind the shack in an even more rickety wooden shanty. The shack would have been a step up. DJ Santa trudged around the shack heading to the shanty, wondering what he’d encounter next; hesitantly he knocked at the door. A little girl slowly emerged, eyes growing wide as she opened the door. Throwing her arms around Santa she exclaimed, “My mommy said you’d be too busy, but I knew you’d come!”


“Christmas Cash for Kids” was born that winter night on a dirt road in northern Frederick County and has since blossomed into the one, the only, and the largest charity for Frederick County children, where every single cent – and then some – is spent on our children.” (Printed 11/18/10


My wish for you all this Christmas Season, or whatever holiday you may be celebrating, is that you wake up each and every morning knowing you’ve mattered in a child’s life because you were there when others weren’t or couldn’t be. Thank you, each and every one of you, for caring enough about our children to step up and make that difference.


Stop by WFMD on Grove Hill Road, directly behind the Toys-R-Us or call them at 301-694-9363, tune in to 930AM radio to give a listen to the generosity of others. Any PNC bank will accept your donations.


What else matters if you don’t matter in the life of a child?


…’til next time . . .



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