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November 28, 2011

On the other handů..

Cindy A. Rose

My friend and colleague, Steve Berryman penned a recent piece in The Frederick News Post entitled "Occupy the Lazy Boy." Frankly, I'd like these protesters to Occupy Reality, a Job, a Shower, some Dignity and most of all their own Homes.


I understand Mr. Berryman's sentiment and will give credit to the Occupy Movement in only one respect: they recognized that crony capitalism is a major part of what is wrong with American politics.


However, when this movement seeks to Occupy Black Friday by disrupting commerce at Target, Walmart, Dick's Sporting Goods and – wait for it – Dollar General, I question the tactics. At this very moment, Dollar General is keeping many Americans afloat. Dollar General is where the 99% not only shop but are employed all across the soon to be un-fruited plains.


I, too, was once of the notion that boycotting and attempting to affect the bottom line of big box stores was an honorable thing. I've since been educated by friends and now understand that if not for those big box stores, hundreds of thousands of Americans would not have food, clothing and jobs – jobs that will give them a paycheck at the end of the week so they can furnish their homes with heat and light and, hopefully, a bit of family fun.


I will acknowledge along with Mr. Berryman that they got up off their Lazy Boys, if he will acknowledge they were only up long enough to transplant themselves into tents in various locations around America.


Upon reaching their new found habitat, they set about spreading the word via twitter, Face Book and other social media, of the things they wanted, including – but not limited to – condoms, lap tops, thermal underwear, salt, pepper, feminine products, salad dressing, plastic storage bins, socks, and all manner of accoutrements necessary to wage a revolution. Highlighting, yet again, they desire to "have" through "asking" not "working."


Who knew salad dressing was necessary to change the face of government? Maybe that’s why so many other revolutions have failed; they were using the wrong equipment.


[Note to self: At next Tea Party rally bring salad dressing, condoms and salt.]


Although Mr. Berryman points out the irony of their shopping for iPads while droning on about the evils of big business, he doesn't point out that as soon as the weather got a little bit nasty these young, healthy, energized revolutionaries started heading for the warmth of their college dorms, parent's basements, rehab and half-way houses. What would Che think?


I saw a recent news report showing a streetscape with no human occupiers, only their signs. Some homeless people were asked to do the cold, hard, punishing task of standing in the elements to continue their noble [cough] cause.


Once again these entitlement-minded people demonstrate that they don't want to do the hard work to achieve their desired goal, whatever that may be. They'd much rather entice the homeless through money, cigarettes – or heaven knows what else – for the use of their bodies to place hold until the warm weather returns. Viva La Revolucion!


I have more respect for the Lazy Boy crowd who, after a hard week’s work, went to the store, purchased with their own money, a feast to feed their families and loved ones. The Lazy Boy tribe, who will – at the end of the meal – have earned their right to fall into a turkey coma while watching football because they’ve put in their time at the factory. Many have also given of their own time and money to help feed the less fortunate, all of them, not just the chosen few.


Compare that to the Occupy crowd who openly shared their Thanksgiving feast saying all were welcome yet only a few weeks ago were complaining to police about the homeless continually coming in and wanting or taking their food or panhandling for money.


Time and weather will ferret out the posers from the serious protestors. History is full of brave people willing to endure nature's relentless waves of snow, ice, sleet and rain along with breath-stealing cold and unforgiving wind. Of course, these revolutionaries believed in their cause and were willing to die for freedom.


Let's see how many are left standing at winter's end in a fight for, what? Socialism?


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