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As Long as We Remember...

November 11, 2011

Following Thomas Jefferson

Patrick Kjellberg

It seems to me that conservatives are always complaining the tax code is unfair. Apparently, I must have misinterpreted this gesture – thinking conservatives want all things to be fair.


As I age, I find this not to be true, even when it is in the best interest of their movement, in this case getting a Republican into the Oval Office in 2013.


The silence on the right wing calling for Herman Cain to come clean and for the National Restaurant Association to reveal that women were paid to leave their jobs is nothing less than appalling. The hypocrisy rolls forward as the coffers of Herman Cain continues to grow from the notoriety.


It seems to me inevitable that Herman Cain’s campaign will collapse under its own weight of incompetence. Yet, I believe the words of Thomas Jefferson to be accurate and true as he stated in the Declaration of Independence. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”


The answer whether Cain can conduct himself in a manner that supports Jefferson’s declaration statements is readily available in the outcome of the three accusers from the National Restaurant Association.


Conservatives will stand on corners for days on end to protect the rights of the unborn, but the rights of the living, not a peep. I understand the argument that the unborn cannot protect their rights. Essentially, we must protect the weak from the tyranny of men and institutions.


The same argument for the unborn is even stronger for those of us who are born citizens, as is the case for the women that have been in a subordinate (weaker) position to Herman Cain. The answer is accessible – if demanded.


Yet there are no demands from conservatives. I say pressure Mr. Cain and the association to release whether or not these women were paid to leave. If that is the case – and it looks more and more like that is the case, then it should be clear that he is not suitable for the position he is in, much less the presidency.


The right wing, not wanting to rock this boat, must also keep in mind that it is this lack of respect for individual rights that brought us to this point. I read the emails from the Republican Party to support John McCain in the last election. Almost forgot about him didn’t you? This choice was made by the power brokers of the right wing, eliminating Mitt Romney on the basis of his religious affiliations.


Once more we have a situation in which the individuals’ rights were negated and ignored by the right wing and at such a cost. Cleary the country was looking for change in the 2008 election. And here is where I need a font for sarcasm. In the advent of change and economic upheaval, the conservatives put forth John McCain. Great choice! Or, what I like to call the “Remake of Bill Clinton vs. Bob Dole. It was a pick so poor that Kansas’ Senator Dole himself campaigned in Ohio to get out the vote for the senators and congressman, admitting that the presidency would be in the hands of the Democrats, so don’t give them the House and the Senate, too.


So, I hold firm that it is the right wing ignoring the rights of the individuals that has cause great losses, including the loss of the 2008 presidential elections. As it continues I wonder if they will be able to defeat this grossly weakened President Obama.


On the lighter side, I wonder if the right wingers have something against Thomas Jefferson, after all, he was a champion for the protection of the weak against the tyranny of men and institutions and was the champion of religious freedoms.


Ignoring the rights of these women in the Cain matter and ignoring religious freedoms of Mitt Romney are against the heart of what Thomas Jefferson felt was the most important part of his legacy. If you don’t believe me, do as I have done and visit his grave! As per his wishes it reads: "Author of the Declaration of American Independence, of the Statute of Virginia for religious freedom, and Father of the University of Virginia"


Now if you’re a conservative and you dislike UVA, a little self introspection may be necessary to see if you have a beef with Thomas Jefferson.


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