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November 4, 2011

Pilloried Cain Leads News; How ‘Bout Real Issues?

Joe Charlebois

What’s this week’s top news story? Well, it is a story put forth by an unknown political operative regarding a confidentiality agreement made between the National Restaurant Association and two unidentified women.


Information regarding the existence of a confidentially agreement was given to two reporters writing for No one knows the details of this agreement – including the two reporters – and all parties involved in the agreement are not allowed by law to discuss any parts of the agreement, or to divulge the existence of said agreement. The target of the Politico reporters is – of course – Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain.


At this point the story wouldn’t merit any attention as there is nothing to divulge. Legally there can’t be. Supposedly there is an agreement between The National Restaurant Association and two women. It is possible that Herman Cain was not a party to the agreement or even knew the contents or the allegations enclosed within. At this point it is a non-story.


Mr. Cain, who has been belittled as a bumbling fool in response to the Politico report, is anything but. He is being played in a game of “gotcha” politics in which he is unable to win because the questioners don’t even know the answers to the questions they are asking. Politico has yet to see the agreement and has no idea what is contained within. For Mr. Cain to respond to hypothetical questions as if they were real lends little credibility to this “news” organization.


The amazing thing is that the main stream media, which should know better, has jumped up, picked up the banner and run with it.


What we need in this country, especially from the first tier of media elites, is to exhibit perspective.


What are the other stories this week that have been missed while supposedly reputable news organizations are spreading rumors and innuendos with no foundation?


The new provisional government in Libya struggles to maintain contact with large weapons caches loaded with tons of raw uranium, chemical weapons and conventional weapons with the ability to bring down jetliners.


This is a week when the entrenched military authority in Egypt insists on maintaining the real power within the newly drafted words of a new constitution.


This is a week when United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) recognized Palestine as a full member despite the ongoing efforts of a comprehensive peace plan.


Domestically, the Democrat-lead Senate continues to bottle up the House passed “jobs” bills that have been passed over the past few weeks.


In June the USDA reported that more than 45 million Americans are collecting food stamps. Last year the United States Census Bureau reported that 15.1% of all Americans were considered in poverty. The unemployment rate still hovers above 9%. The federal debt as of November 3rd is closing in on $15 trillion dollars, and the debt per citizen is soon to reach $50,000 per person and $133,000 per taxpayer.


These are the real issues that need to be addressed. If there is a time and place for tabloid journalism as exhibited by Politico and TV venues such as MSNBC and NBC with this story, it isn’t with Herman Cain and his tenure at the National Restaurant Association.


There just isn’t anything there.


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