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As Long as We Remember...

October 28, 2011

Blaming Language for Little Subtleties

Patrick Kjellberg

How could George Orwell be so far ahead of his time? In his 1984 novel – written in 1948 – he created a world with the government, affectionately ladled as “Big Brother,” with cameras in every corner of society to see any action that was contra to the health of the state.


As we see the cameras looming in on our everyday life, it’s hard not to think that someday the world of 1984 will soon approach.


The real scare is that that day is already upon us; and it’s not from the cameras, it’s from the thought control. One of Big Brothers best methods of controlling thought is to control the language. And, behold, you can now see the threads of the netting that entraps us by our very own government-made opportunity “by the people.”


What in the world am I talking about?


Well, it is the subtle changes in the use of our language by our elected officials and, now, by us. Most notably in my mind is “Health Care”!


Really, do we really mean Health Care when we say the words, or is it that we are talking about health insurance, specifically government-funded health care. Do you see? Somehow the words have just slipped into our lexicon and gone forever are the words “government-funded health insurance.”


Critics might argue that this is not thought control; come on, get back down to earth. It’s just a euphemism. Yes, it may very well have been that; and it possibly started as that, but it is clearly much more than that now. It’s more than just political speak now; it has become how Americans live their lives.


Everyday Americans go about their lives acting as though “health care” is having access to modern day medicine and expertise. We go about our days eating, drinking, and doing whatever we feel like doing, including smoking and a sedentary life style. So, you see it is now much more than a euphemism – much, much more. More to the point, it’s where everyday Americans take care in their heath. If I see one more obese “senior” getting up on a soap box to complain about the high cost of diabetes medication, I will throw up.


In fact I have a rule that I will not allow people to complain about “Health Care” unless they have taken advantage of the two major components of health care – exercise and diet. Oddly, 15% of the staff at my office has had their gall bladder removed. That may seem high, but the national average is 12%. The primary causes of gall bladder problems are fatty foods and obesity.


If I might be so arrogant, here’s how I break down what I believe are the components of “Health Care.”


First is the environment in which we live. Do we live on a toxic waste site? Do we have clean air and clean water?


Second, our diet! Are we eating the right foods and in the right amounts?


Third, exercise! Are we getting enough; and, more likely, because of the thought control imposed on our country, are we getting any. Have we designed our cities with this in mind? No, we have designed our cities around the automobile, which, by the way, diminishes the quality of our environment.


Studies have shown that there are higher rates of cancer in areas that are near major interstate highways.


Fourth, genetics! Are we aware of our family history and attempting to guard against illnesses to which we are genetically predisposed to the best of our abilities?


And, now finally, Fifth. Medicine and expertise. This component is the most relied upon by our citizens, driving up the cost of medicine and expertise.


So, in my opinion, we most certainly must get ObamaCare on the chopping block. If we drop the double-speak and call health care what it really is, and medicine what it is, and focus on the design of our cities away from the automobile. We should give in to the tree huggers to the point we demand clean air and water as a priority and not an afterthought.


So, let’s start talking about the real health care and ways to promote good health. Relying on medicine and expertise for your quality of your health is the equivalent of relying on the fire department to keep your house from burning down. Take a look at an electrical and heating and cooling code book and the decline in house fires, and then tell me I’m off the planet.


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