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October 21, 2011

Lost and Dubious

Joe Charlebois



By Charles B. Satiré

The Garlic Bulb Press


Washington – Recent documents obtained from anonymous Department of Energy sources have set in motion another series of investigations that have uncovered yet another scandal for the Obama Administration.


Congressman Fred Upton (R., MI), chairman of the Energy & Commerce Committee in the House of Representatives, announced Wednesday that close on the heels of the Solyndra loan scandal the committee has received documents that reveal that the Department of Energy has covertly subsidized the ethanol and wind power industry with untold millions of dollars in an effort to save the subsidies and government sponsorship of the wind and ethanol power industries.


Mr. Upton, during Wednesday’s press conference, laid out the convoluted plan that high ranking officials within the Department of Energy may have been influenced by the lobbying efforts of wind energy giant General Electric and other wind power industry members to overstate the efficiency and capabilities of the giant windmills. Currently wind power supplies nearly 3% of all power production in the United States with hopes of producing 20% by 2030.


In August, a meeting of 24 of our country’s governors in the State of Iowa resulted in a joint letter asking the administration to extend the production tax credit and investment tax credit for an additional seven years. This would subsidize further investment and provide a more hospitable business climate for the many of the economically distressed areas of the country.


Mr. Upton points out that the plan entitled “Operation Lost and Dubious” was the Department of Energy’s aggressive response to the lobbying efforts of these select states as well as Big Wind and Big Corn.

The scenario put forth offers that the corn industry – which is the beneficiary of over $5 billion in federal subsidies – conspired with the wind power industry to cover up the inefficiency of the giant turbines by finding an alternative market for their overpriced and inefficient ethanol.


A Department of Energy insider, who is expected to testify before the committee, was offered immunity in return for his testimony. It is reported that he will testify that department officials who have links to the ethanol industry have funneled millions of gallons of the corn based fuel directly to wind farms.


Mr. Upton also noted that the Department of Energy diverted grants to secretly retrofit each windmill from potential energy producers into giant fans. The farms, many of which also grow corn around the immense towers, were also beneficiaries of increased corn prices as more and more of their corn was being sent to ethanol producing plants in the upper Mid-West instead of entering the food supply chain.


Operation Lost and Dubious was eventually uncovered in early September when auditors performing a simple inspection of Department of Energy subsidies noticed that only 47% of the great windmills were turning in sustained winds of 40 mph. Documents reveal that nearly half of the turbines had yet to be retrofitted to run on fuel instead of being producers of electricity. “Operation Lost and Dubious,” as dubbed by the Department of Energy was quickly shut down after it was revealed.


Calls for the end of all government subsidies for ethanol and wind power were pouring in from many members on Capitol Hill.


Interviews with several of the Occupy Wall Street movement leaders discovered that although the subsidies went to corporate America, it was “green energy,” so like that is cool, dude.


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