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As Long as We Remember...

October 20, 2011

A Recipe for Recovery

Joan Marie Aquilino

Seems that very little else is happening this week except discontent on all sides. Being from the conservative side of my brain, I just don’t get how anyone can fall for the all the rhetoric being shoveled about spending more to save more.


Hello, that just doesn’t happen. If you want to create a job, then first create a demand. We are not demanding more government; we are demanding more business. Until – or unless – government gets out of the way, that won’t be happening.


Here is just one example of funding without demand – the solar programs that this government is funding to companies that are failing. Taxpayers will never see that money returned; there will be no profit or paybacks.


The government is trying to force demand for their ‘wish list’ items and create companies and jobs. Never a good fix. There is no incentive to make it work on the private side because they have no self investment. They are given other people’s (your) money and spending it.


They are paying themselves with other people’s (your) money. There is no accountability to anyone (you) for their failures. There are some companies, like GE, that might never have done some of the ‘green’ things on their own dime. However, since the money is free for the taking, why not take it and use it elsewhere to make a profit for themselves. So, they take your free money and – oh well – if it doesn’t work, there is no payback.


President Barack Obama has been screaming at you (he doesn’t talk, he scolds, he screams and he talks down to you) about hiking taxes in every speech, every chat, every town hall, and every campaign venue since prior to his becoming or even running for president.


In one fashion or another, it’s always there. It’s his overriding message in all of his action. He is all about making the public at large dependent on the government for their sole survival. As long as we depend on the government for our survival, the government controls us. We, Americans, are not lambs to be led to slaughter, unless I’ve missed something along the way. What happened to us? Where is our pride?


The Tea Party rallies across this U.S. of A. for the past few years have been vilified time and again by the president and his henchmen, as well as the main stream media. The only reason I can figure this happens is because they are fearful the Tea Party might actually make a difference.


Yet, right now, we have this Wall Street protest bunch, costing us millions of dollars just in cleaning up after them and nary is a discouraging word said. Once again I don’t get it.


I was without work for nearly 3 years. I didn’t take government support. I didn’t protest because I couldn’t find a job. What I did do was, got myself out there and did everything I could to find work no matter what it was and to keep at it until I found something.


I got rid of anything that wasn’t needed and necessary in my life and I made do. I’m not complaining because it was a learning experience and I found out what was really needed and not just a comfortable “want” in my life. I’m glad for the experience and feel I can speak to others because – yes – I’ve been there, done that.


America is at a cross roads and one way will take us toward a long and difficult uphill climb back to stability. The alternative is off the edge of a cliff. End of story. Nothing to recover after that turn. We can suffer and own up to the consequences of past actions and work our way back; or we can continue to ignore and just keeping taxing and spending ourselves into that ride off the cliff.


We are losing American pride; we’ve left religion by the wayside; we honor and respect other religions rather than our own.


Here is my recipe for survival:


2 cups of American pride taken every morning, rain or shine;


1 cup of good ole American know-how, getting our financial books in order;


1 cup of God-fearing, God-loving American going back to church;


3 cups of the American Parent taking care of American children;


¼ cup of elected officials doing what they were elected to do and governing, not running this country;


1 cup of Hometown Community pride; and


1 box of do-it-on-your-own syrup for the frosting;


To lower the fat content of this recipe remove the following:


5 cups of government hand-outs;


5 cups taxing;


5 cups of unnecessary government program funding.


All icing (bills) skimmed down to one page applications written in plain English; and


No more bundling (bills) or hiding items below each layer of fat.


America, grow up and take back control of your lives, stop being feed pabulum and accepting less than what you deserve.



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. . . . .'til next time . . .


“Just Joan” saying be safe and “don’t believe everything you think.”


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