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October 12, 2011

Tukhus Ge-Kickiní

Norman M. Covert

Walter T. Mills – raconteur, unimpeachable source, information central for politics and notions, and skilled barber/hair stylist. You must love the man. He tells it like it is; there is no retreat in him. Don’t be fooled by those who think he’s Floyd the Barber in his West Patrick Street digs.


Might Mr. Mills have learned at the feet of Gen. George S. Patton, Jr.? It would seem there are some similarities other than Georgie’s “Blood and Guts” moniker.


Consider – Mr. Mills, who is proud to be a Republican, has employed some basic elements of General Patton’s tactics and strategy against our minority population of far-left liberals. It’s high caliber stuff.


When asked how his forces began the defeat of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel’s Afrika Corps in North Africa, General Patton is said to have reached in his duffle and pulled out Rommel’s seminal book, “Infanterie Grift.”


The brilliant critique of then Oberleutnant Rommel’s World War I small unit commander experience was extrapolated into Afrika Corps victories. General Patton read Rommel’s book and used the lessons to advantage, striking at the enemy from Tunisia to Libya.


General Patton’s basic combined arms tactics included holding “the enemy by the nose and kicking them in the ass!” That is a frontal attack mounted while flanking forces penetrate the rear of the enemy, causing confusion and panic – ultimate victory.


So consider what Walter Mills has done in recent weeks. My father would have called it in pidgin Hebrew, “A tukhus ge-kickin.”


First, he read the liberal playbook, which is an exposition of tactics employed for years in political discourse – discredit the opponents with fact or fiction and gain the support of the news media. You don’t have to apologize if facts are revealed to refute the allegations.


German National Socialist Minister of Information Josef Goebbels wrote his own book on propaganda techniques and destroyed his enemies with alacrity. It is required reading for “street organizers.”


Walter, my man, did the same thing to former Frederick County Commissioner Kai Hagen about 10 days ago. He wrote a letter to the Frederick County Ethics Commission and asked that they look into the possibility that Mr. Hagen had flouted ethics laws.


Mr. Mills offered plausible evidence that Mr. Hagen was either receiving compensation – or was promised future compensation – by a group called Envision Frederick County, Inc. He is forbidden from such paid testimony for one year following his elected service.


Mr. Hagen was unabashed in using his title as chief executive officer while representing local political action groups before the Board of County Commissioners. Unbeknownst to Mr. Mill’s, his confidential letter was leaked to a local blogger.


The story, which only this week appeared in The Daily Blather, made the rounds of local radio news and talk shows and the Workers Weekly covered it quoting Mr. Hagen liberally (pun intended).


There was Mr. Mills, just like General Patton, holding them by the nose and kicking them in the pants. Ultimately the county’s Ethics Commission refused to look into the matter, claiming the facts didn’t support Mr. Mills' letter of complaint.


The fallout included the need to search the origins of Mr. Hagen’s new “job.”


When Mr. Hagen was put on the street from his Winchester Hall carrel and MacIntosh laptop, he obviously didn’t know what to do with himself. His constituency certainly would look elsewhere. Thus, never doubting Mr. Hagen’s tenacity and knowledge, he met with his remaining coterie and decided to make his own “job.”


State records reveal that In January 2011, Mr. Hagen filled out paperwork for the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxations. He formed a tax-exempt, non-stock corporation called Envision Frederick County, Inc. Mr. Hagen is the principle officer and corporate agent.


He named eight directors including: James R. Racheff, Patrice Ann Gallagher, Aaron Anthony Valentino, Judith Elizabeth Bauer, Fred Ugast, John Edwin Hinde, Robert Write, Ellen Kreis and Steve Chafitz. Look for the same voices among community naysayers and liberal activism.


Mr. Hagen reported he was “hired” as chief executive officer at a projected salary of $50,000.


The corporation, he wrote, would be “non-profit, non-partisan and founded on the principle that informed public discourse and active engagement of individuals and groups … is essential to our mutual well being and prosperity. We are dedicated to enhancing the social, economic and environmental vitality or our community.


“… (it) is organized for educational purposes including …making of distribution to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations….”


In other words, Envision Frederick County, Inc., would try to suck resources from other organizations in hopes of paying Mr. Hagen the salary he needed to offset the loss of his county dole of $45,000.


Mr. Hagen has every right to form the corporation and to pursue his stated purpose. Directors have tried to blunt Mr. Mills’ allegations saying the organization has not raised significant amounts of cash – less than $5,000. Thus, Mr. Hagen could not receive such a salary. They admitted promising him the pay when donors pony up cash for the venture.


Obviously Mr. Mills threw a stink bomb in the organization’s board room; but, with no action by the county’s Ethics Commission, the suspicion lingers that Mr. Hagen was truly flouting the county’s Ethics Laws.


What is good for the goose is good for the gander, says the old saw. Slip a little information in there and watch them squirm, Mr. M. The boxing judges would call this a technical knockout from a right cross.


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