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As Long as We Remember...

October 11, 2011

Whining and Complaining All Over Again

Farrell Keough

I am very, very angry – but I can’t tell why…

This life has not yet given me what I know is nigh.

While you do not know me – you have seen me go by…

I am simply called – Occupy.


Many a scholarly discourse has been promulgated about the various Occupy Protests taking place around the nation. Most either walk lightly around the activities taking place or compare the protestors to groups like the Tea Party or the protests of the 60s. Balderdash!


Long and short – you are seeing the tantrums of children.


Many who read the news to you every evening will adamantly disagree – these are people fed up with the banking system, the bail outs, education costs, government and corporate actions of all types, etc. They represent a diverse cross-section of the population who have finally become engage and want change – real change.


Consider how well that worked for you when growing up. You had it under the tutelage of your parents. They were unfair and did not let you do what you wanted. So, you determined the best recourse was leaving the nest. You packed your favorite toy, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, maybe your next favorite toy for backup, and you were on your way! The bright sunlight, fresh air, and infinite possibilities were laid out in front of you. Of course, after a few blocks of walking, this brave new world began to take on a different aspect – somehow it was not as inviting as it had been just moments before.


Very few in the press – or other media – will let you in on the secret, but this is precisely what these Occupy protestors are doing – trying to run-away from the realities of life in the U.S.A. You see, many in “the cause” have let their secrets escape – in short, they want their Mommy to make it all better. A list of 13 demands from the original group is predominated by debt relief, more government spending, high paying jobs, etc. In other words, unlike my parents, they want it all and want it now – it is not “fair” that they should have to work for it.


So, is there any legitimacy to their demands? Sure. College educations are preposterously expensive with no justification for the high cost. There are no jobs for young adults coming out of college with such high debt to bear. But, truth be told, we’ve seen this before.


Some of us remember the Carter years of the late 1970’s – double digit inflation and interest rates and high unemployment. While more people were working, they were making less and less due to stagflation. Some of the pieces were different, but the playing field was virtually the same. And various protests existed at that time as well – interestingly, the groups look very similar.


And now enter the Labor Unions – no political agenda there.


Long and short, with no viable alternatives or solutions being promoted, this is nothing more than whining and a desire to be part of group or movement. There is neither an end-point nor an outline for reform.


In short, they may still have their favorite toy, but their peanut butter sandwich is long gone.


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