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As Long as We Remember...

October 10, 2011

Clean Up Wall Street!

Steven R. Berryman

Occupy Wall Street, the “movement,” is now all the rage. I’m all for protests, and this group gets my sympathy. As these things are cyclical, I can’t wait for them to get back to burning bras! Ah, the memories…


“Hey, honey, you wanna go out for dinner, play some tennis, or go out marching for awhile?”


Where the original “flash-mob” – of 12 – came from is up to debate, but when the cops hit them with tear gas, the photos got onto YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter fast. What the newer mobs were protesting was amorphous early on, but seemed to be heart-felt.


Plus, it was a great way to meet girls!


Protest movements can be fun, even with a coherent political platform unresolved. See and be seen, have a voice plus have the attention of microphones and TV cameras.


Being a rebel is cool; Mom and Dad never paid us this much attention!


We know we need to “change,” but what happened the last time we struck out for change – blindly – in 2008? We got a president who can’t even manage to run on his record in the next election; instead of something new, we got everything old, including endless distractions from America’s real problems, and solutions we knew would fail.


We also squandered billions of “stimulus” dollars of your money to rescue Wall Street and banks, instead of rescuing jobs. Don’t these people read newspaper – online or the folding kind?


When will the protesters – texting or writing on their computer tablets and smart phones – realize that they are the Obama Left, and promoted him into office? The reward was null prosecutions on Wall Street, and placement of Wall Street insiders throughout this administration, and into policy-making-plus-oversight positions.


And by the way, my patriotic protesters, your smart communication devices – certainly at that price – were provided to you courtesy of your greedy corporations, and the globalization that took your parents jobs to China and India.


First, we need to recognize that we are the problem that we protest. Of course, there is greed, corruption, America gone wrong, and a broken two-party political system. But without a coherent message, the blind protests only serve to make themselves feel better, that they are doing something, anything!


And young movements, no matter the origin, when left to fester start to get smelly, and become susceptible to hijacking for the political gains of others. We see it in this case, with the ACORN types being sent in; labor union members come by bus and represent such known patriotic protesters as the New York Port Authority.


And notice that the corporately funded help with food, first aid, and communication services evidently supporting the live-in “we-ain’t-gonna-leave” hard core of the group, a.k.a. Occupy Wall Street. Strangely, money funneled into this cultural phenomenon can be lined back to the White House donors list. Coincidence?




Great pictures are now emerging from the streets of downtown New York City, showing the aftermath of the continuing organic rally. Mountains of trash and moldy mattresses pile up. Tent city, man.


And what makes this a growing movement, aside from the fungus, is that many are joining the movement simply to find out what it is and wants. I’m okay with that to a point…


Where the comparable movement of the Tea Party had similar origins, one of the main – and telling – differences is one of human hygiene. Tea Party wanted to save something worth saving, and get back to some fundamental American roots and principles.


Tea Party did not protest for the entertainment value, or because they had nothing better to do. They didn’t get arrested, foment civil disobedience, and defecate on police cars. In fact, all of the records noticed that Tea protests were marked for the orderliness, salutes to the flag, and cleaning up their own trash.


Tea Partyers “left nothing but footprints.” They are improvers, not detractors.


IF Occupy Wall Street wants to have an impact, first they need to figure out who their real enemy is, and honestly evaluate what to do about it. They can start by cleaning up their act, and then themselves…


…in order to be ready for Election 2012.


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