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As Long as We Remember...

October 3, 2011

Waiting To Be Saved

Steven R. Berryman

Here we go again. Americans currently stare at their navels, collectively waiting to be saved by having the right administration or party in power when it’s “their turn” to pull strings after Election 2012.


Republicans suffer a field of savior-wannabes made up of politician-masochists who value fame and limelight in campaigning over the negatives of an undignified contest characterized as a “gotcha-slam-fest” that the opposition enjoys most.


Democrats remain unified at the primary level as Hillary and hubby have been bought out of the fight. Nobody wants to derail the golden goose that lays the stimulus eggs. Certainly not Wall Street or public employee unions.


Texas Rep. Ron Paul seems strangely isolated from his Libertarianism – or even Tea Party – cult leader status. “Money bombs” and bedding with the GOP has him approaching sell-out status compared with what had been a righteous independent run.


Staffers have co-opted candidates yet again!


And if there were an actual Tea Party, as opposed to a loose collection of quasi-operational philosophies, surely they would produce leadership material to save us from the perils of our own fallible human nature. People must be governed in order to allow us our self-control!


Stop waiting for salvation by others, America. This world is your party, not theirs. You must have learned by now that simply trading offices and officers every term or two has not stymied systemic corruption of our laws and institutions.


For God’s sake, we allowed the president to pass healthcare legislation ostensibly to save us money, and refused to stop frivolous lawsuits from jacking costs by dealing with tort reform. Trial lawyers were not taken to task by an obedient media or an opposition party.


Wall Street, bankers, speculators, and The Fed were allowed to fleece the national retirement nest egg without so much as a good show trial. At least in the old days we had Watergate and Iran-Contra hearings to demonstrate our passion. The prosecution has been bought off in this case.


But just wait for “four more years” to make everything better and save us. Surely Barack Obama is saving his best stuff for the last term. He’s making us wait as his entrée to another term. Who’d want to mess that up?


Or will New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie or Oprah save us from a presidency without merit? Somebody must be out there, just waiting in some bus for the right time to lead us from the wilderness. Sarah Palin, I know…


It’s not the people who hold the solutions; it’s the behaviors that do. Until there is a national sense of accountability toward our leadership, we are doomed. We have been conditioned to expect less and to take excuses well.


Surely the next administration will introduce a Department of Expectation Management!


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