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March 19, 2003

Be Careful In Choosing Your Friends

Derek Shackelford

As we embark on this war with Iraq, many perspectives have been drawn for the disarmament of Saddam Hussein.

The United States feels that they have the necessary information. Many months ago, President George W. Bush went before the United Nations and presented the need for swift action. He asked for authority to force Iraq to comply with complete disarmament. The Security Council passed resolution 1441 unanimously.

This allowed U. N. inspectors to enter Iraq and check for weapons of mass destruction. None was found and this should come as no surprise. The inspectors were not going to find anything in the first place - and everyone knew it.

The U. N. Security Council also passed a resolution saying that force was not necessary to disarm Iraq. The United States initially went to the United Nations to present its case, now the United Nations has become irrelevant in this matter.

Why is the United Nations irrelevant at this point? Just because someone does not agree with your perspective does not mean that they are irrelevant.

The case has been laid out that diplomacy has not worked, that all peaceful means have been exhausted. In order for war to be averted, Saddam Hussein - and his sons - must leave Iraq. He harbors and trains terrorists. This has raised the call for the regimeís removal.

Saddam Hussein has used weapons of mass destruction on his own people and invaded neighboring countries. These are facts.

President Bush has stated the only way for Iraq to disarm is for military force to be used. He says that all diplomatic resources have been exhausted.

I support the military wholeheartedly and pray for their safety. Now, if you havenít gone to sleep on me yet, let us lay out some other information that seems to be overlooked.

North Korea has weapons of mass destruction, kicked out U. N. weapons inspectors, and threatened to use the weapons on its neighbors. No threat of war has been used by the United States to curb this hostility. Sometimes we have to educate ourselves on the issues.

Media types have only given us information from the Western world perspective. No mention of Osama bin Laden, who laid out the attacks of September 11, 2001.

We have not turned the world upside down to find an individual responsible for 3,000 deaths on American soil. If someone breaks into your house and steals your valuables, do you get the person who broke into your house, or do you get the person who watches your house.

The American people have not questioned the President on why bin Laden has not been captured. The day of the attacks President Bush said the U.S. would get bin Laden dead or alive.

The study of history shows you can kill anyone at anytime. Why hasnít bin Laden been captured? President Bush goes to the U. N. for its approval, but when the U. N. does not agree with this country, the U. N. is not valuable.

There is an old saying that tells us to be careful how you choose your friends. Bin Laden was a friend of the U. S. in the late 1980ís, when the CIA trained him in Afghanistan. Saddam Hussein was a friend of the U.S.; we put him in power. Now these individuals no longer serve a purpose useful to the U. S.

Last year I wrote a column on America living up to its ideals. Now, I love this country, but I want America to be the land of the free and the home of the brave in its truest sense.

Musicians have a prophetic way of capturing what happens in a visionary realm. Marvin Gaye did this in his lyrics to the song "Whatís Going On." I used this last year, because of what was really is going on in America.

Now, as I see what is happening in our nation and world, I borrow another one of Gayeís songs, "Makes Me Wanna Holler; throw up both of my hands."

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