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As Long as We Remember...

September 28, 2011

Dear Republicans and Rich People:

Tom McLaughlin

I would like to write to you to complain about the current money problems here in America. I am tired of you blaming us.


To begin with, Social Security is not an entitlement. It is our money earned over a life time. The money was deducted from our paychecks and placed into a fund. We will then get it back when we became disabled or when we retire. The government is not giving us anything. You want people to believe it is some kind of handout. No, we earned it, and it is our money. It is no different than putting the money in a bank and then withdrawing it.


We expected the government to manage our money prudently. We expected experts from the financial world to invest our money conservatively so it would be there in our old age. This nonsense that all of a sudden the baby boomers would retire and there would not be enough money, or the system would go broke is your fault, not ours. The same is true of our pension funds. If it’s gone, you put it back.


We did not cause the recession. You did. We believed you when you said to sign all those papers to purchase a house and that everything would be okay. You knew that 70% of us do not have a college education and we relied on trust. We did not bundle them up and cause Greece to go bankrupt. We do not understand how our mortgage could possibly affect anything. And as we now know, neither did you.


Now, you don’t pay any taxes. You told us that you take the saved tax money and reinvest it. You told us that you create jobs with it. But where are the jobs? Unemployment has been stuck at around 9%. Yet we read where the money you were supposed to pay in taxes goes to huge bonuses to the people who created the recession in the first place.


Now, you tell us it’s the government’s fault. I don’t know anyone in government who told me to sign that mortgage. You told us to sign all those papers and all would be well. You lied to me. I don’t know anyone in government who told you to sell our mortgages to Greece. You did that. And to be frank, I don’t care if Greece does go bankrupt. That’s your problem.


And you did all that fancy banking stuff that caused the recession. I kept my check book balanced and that is more than you did. And it was harder because the recession that you caused cost me my job.


You say the deficit is somehow our fault. The deficit is your fault because you will not pay your taxes like I did. So, pay your taxes and the deficit will disappear. That should make you happy.


Now, you want to reduce the deficit that you caused, because you would not pay your taxes, by cutting education for our kids. And we paid our taxes. Something is not right here. Yes sir, something is not right.


Most sincerely,


We the People


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