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March 19, 2003

America Will Do What She Has To Do

John P. Snyder

How easy it is for countries throughout the world to oppose our invasion of Iraq. It takes no courage to urge caution and stress peaceful means of resolution. None of these foreign leader face the daunting challenges of protecting their country from terrorism like President Bush does. How many of those countries had 3,000 innocent people slaughtered by terrorists on a single day?

For the peace-niks, liberals, Democrats and other slow learners, our country is going after terrorists and the states that support them. Iraq is at the top of the list. Iraq has ignored the tenants of the 1991 peace settlement, and has long been in the business of manufacturing weapons of mass destruction. Evidence gleaned from satellite photos, intelligence and the testimony of defectors has made it clear. President Bush took an oath that he would "preserve, protect and defend" our country from all enemies.

Should a briefcase containing an atomic weapon detonate in any one of our cities, shocked citizens would ask of our President: "What did you know and when did you know it?" God help the man who knew, but did nothing. Or knew the dangers, but hoped to negotiate a peace with madmen.

President Bush is correct to pursue the destruction of Saddam Hussein. To do less is to expose our country to harm by those who hate us. If this stance does not meet the approval of anyone of our so called friends, so be it. We can manage it, along with the British, Spaniards and Australians.

Some experts have characterized the fight that awaits us a Mike Tyson taking on Minnime from the Austin Powers movies. Letís hope so. For we will be able to soon learn the levels of appeasement the French and Germans extended to Hussein. We will find all the evidence we need to show the world just how close Iraq was to having the bomb and its willingness to use it. Iraq is no poor destitute country. It fills two million barrels of oil a day, each at $30+ per. There is money to rebuild. Iraqís liberation will spur Iranís slide into democracy.

It is written that success has a thousand fathers and that failure is an orphan. We will win decisively. It will not take long. But our world will be safer without Saddam Hussein.

God Bless America!

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